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April, 12 2004

My god. This ain't nice! The last stationtobowie update was more than one year ago! On april the 9th to be excactly! That was the day that the biggest Bowie fan and my friend Pimm Jal de la Parra passed away one year ago. It is now more that two years ago. Rest in peace, PJ!

stationtobowie is still online and still has an average of 50 visitors a day. Not much, but I think that's quite an achievement when not updating a site! This made me think and I've decided to be more productive and keep the site updated from now on! There are still lots of things to do and say on this site. Therefore I'm asking for a little help. This because it's not without reason that stationtobowie wasn't updated for one year. I'm more busy than ever and cannot manage to keep the site updated on my own.

So, if you read this and you're from The Netherlands, please contact me and we can talk about what we can do to work together on stationtobowie. Are you interested in a job as webmaster of this site? Are you experienced in building a website (HTML, PHP), do you have ambitious plans and are you a major Bowie fan? Than I'm sure we can use this space to make stationtobowie one of the most popular Bowie sites on the web.

stationtobowie will celebrate its fourth birthday on July the 7th of this year and wouldn't it be great if a new version could see the light of day then? So, please mail me and we can think things through!


Pimm Jal de la Parra 1966-2002
Friend and author of one of the best Bowie concert-reference books "David Bowie: The Concert Tapes". Always in my heart.

Pimm Jal's Concert Tapes-Tribute.

The Concert Tapes section.

Pimm Jal de la Parra

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