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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:03:31 +0200
From: "Dennis McCann" <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert
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Subject: Fwd: Further Comment

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From: Dennis McCann <>
Date: Jan 26, 2006 4:10 AM
Subject: Further Comment
To: Hilary <>

Ms. Seher,
I find it very interesting that you wrote to me, asking me to take my website down in order to avoid "further escalation," HOURS after the chief attorney for my hosting company responded to your complaint, informing you that the site will not be taken down, as it is perfectly legal.
Though I applaud the efforts of any person or group who endeavors to stop online abuse, I find it disheartening that you would take the side of a stalker against a person who is trying to stop her continuous crimes.
Again, I must ask you to read my website in it's entirety. I am sure that you will see that 1400 + pages of hard evidence greatly outweigh the complaint of a person with a history of harrassing/abusing others, in real life as well as online.
I look forward to your cooperation in helping me bring this person to justice.
Dennis P. McCann

On 1/26/06, Dennis McCann <> wrote:
Hello Ms. Seher,

On 1/26/06, Hilary <> wrote:

Mr. McCann,

I have read both websites and do not see the significance of her background nor her email addresses being posted. 

Her victims, as well as Detectives Ricardi and Raggazini (contact info on the website) do see the significance. Her background is germaine to her present acvtivities, as they are one and the same. Please do not be swayed by her "poor victim" act, nor the fact that she is a female. That has been her mode of operation for years. She instigates trouble with numerous people, and when someone complains or takes action, she blames her victims.

I also do not see why it bothers you that she is a devotee of Charles Manson, as you say.

It does not bother me. To each her/his own. It does, however, illustrate the mindset of this very disturbed person.

  I realize that it does take two people to harass, however it takes only one person to keep the harassment continued. 

Actually, it takes only one person to harass, and only one to continue it. In this case, that person is her. She began harassing me, and many members of a John Lennon discussion group that I ran, in the year 2000. The harassment continues to this day. I am the victim here, not the perpetrator. I have documented her actions for legal purposes, WITHOUT COMMENT. I have never mentioned her name on the website, though in many of the emails her name is mentioned, usually by her.
She has violated copyright laws by posting my picture on the internet (after altering it in very poor taste). In fact, she has broken many laws....too numerous to mention here, but they are documented on the purely evidenciary website.

Would you feel the same way if someone paid a internet site to dig up every thing on you or your family members, or perhaps close friends?

Someone has. Her name is Noel Bednaz. And, no one paid me. I am the victim, I built the website, and I pay the hosting costs.

Your email address, your social security number and physical address.  I don't think you would feel the same way as you do about Noel's information on your website.

This is a matter of legalities, not feelings. If she doesn't want ther feelings hurt, please advise her to stop harassing and stalking people.


Noel is going to take down her website but I would like you to take down yours as well. 

Which website? She has more than I can count.
I will take my site down when one year has passed without her harassing me, or anyone else. Until that time, I will continue to collect evidence as it occurs.


Also, just to let you know, she has received a worm, which I'm sure you know sends out emails in people's address books from addresses that did not truly send an email.

Are you accusing me of sending her a worm? Shall I forward the worms, Trojans, etc., that I receive EVERY DAY, from addresses registered to her name, to you?
I suggest that you read all of the websites again... Mine IN IT'S ENTIRETY, and ALL of hers. Many of her sites have been deleted, but have been saved on my site. The source code for each site is included.
I then would respectfully ask that you help me, and the many people who have contributed their stories of dealing with this person, in our struggle to stop her from harassing innocent people.


Thank you for your co-operation,

Hilary Seher

Thank You,
Dennis P. McCann

WHOA ? Working to Halt Online Abuse



From: Dennis McCann [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 4:08 PM
To: Hilary
Subject: Re:


Dear Ms. Seher:


Have you read the website? Your "victim," Noel Bednaz, has multiple convictions for real-life and online harassment. Further, she regularly uses fake emailers, is a devotee of Charles Manson, and routinely sends obscene eCards and emails to numerous people.


The criminal dockets that you have referred to were obtained from the District Attorney's office in her jurisdiction, under the Freedom of Information Act. They are public domain, and were published with the protection of the First Amendment.


I have taken the site down four times, in order to give her a chance to stop her criminal activities. Each time, when her activities resumed, the site went back up.


If you want to stop online abuse, I suggest that you read her websites, which are documented on the site, and help me (and many others) in stopping her abuse of hundreds of internet users.


Dennis P. McCann

Paper Dragon Studios


On 1/25/06, Hilary <> wrote:


I'm working with a victim who came to us for help. They are being harassed online by a person using your services under the URL  On this website are some criminal dockets that are posted that have my victim's personal information.  I am writing you to ask that the website be shut down.

I hope you will take appropriate action immediately so that this situation does not escalate.

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation,


Hilary Seher

WHOA Working to Halt Online Abuse