Trish Is At It Again!
She's at it yet again. More innocent eBayers are suffering at the hands of her dishonesty. See her feedback profile below:

retrotrish 's feedback

mbna22 (297)  Jun-25-02 19:21:35 PDT 1534735088 S
Neutral : Never received my tape

karla100 (48)  Jun-21-02 05:28:14 PDT 851876073 S
Complaint : Quite disappointed; auction ended 3/24, check cleared 4/3, rec'd item 6/18

nite_love (98)  Jun-06-02 16:27:43 PDT 1533000611 S
Complaint : aucton ended 37 days ago she cashed the check I sent her I never got the book

caroled2 (11)  May-26-02 15:41:16 PDT 1525812539 S
Complaint : Books came in good condition but it took almost 2 months to get them

skyeomania (42)  May-12-02 11:26:21 PDT 1085458755 S
Complaint : WARNING: Not true to word. Not selling item, probably expected a higher bid!

oldeturtle (137)  May-12-02 07:49:03 PDT 1526106543 S
Complaint : some people are not happy read her feedback

pjfixation (48)  May-08-02 14:23:51 PDT 1524557350 S
Complaint : Worst ever! Flamed my feedback before we could track down my missing check. RUDE (21)  May-01-02 23:13:56 PDT 1086232095 S
Neutral : Not impressed, took long and wasnt what was expected!!

sara-marie (375)  Mar-29-02 13:38:01 PST 1511938610 S
Neutral : Honestly don't know why she gav me a neg I think she thought I was someone else.

pooboysmom (370)  Mar-26-02 00:07:34 PST 1040644592 S
Complaint : $1 item -she made an error & refused blame -very poor communication/sales skills

smokiewolfie (677)  Mar-14-02 12:44:09 PST 1051006775 S
Complaint : I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SELLER! Buyer Beware!!

j.burkhardt (41)  Mar-14-02 11:56:21 PST 1505227286 S

extsr (35)  Mar-06-02 15:29:17 PST 1698052132 S
Praise : Great packaging, trouble-free transaction, thanx
Follow-up by extsr - BEWARE! BAD - She'll RUIN YOUR FEEDBACK: groundless Complaint after all was AOK.

miraomar (23)  Feb-23-02 11:44:09 PST 1511933362 S
Neutral : Excuse me still, but he was not necessary that I leave a negative comment.

amyjay22 (private) Feb-17-02 11:12:43 PST 1498984585 S
Complaint : POOR communication, RUDE emails, sent check it was returned to me, BEWARE!!!!!!!

nysallan (30)  Jan-18-02 13:58:48 PST 1491049011 S
Complaint : worst ebay experience-received 1 mo after check cleared & poor communication. (50)  Nov-08-01 11:08:13 PST 1008183726 S
Neutral : Took 5 weeks to send item, after emailing that it'd be a few days.

mondials (22)  Oct-08-01 09:22:55 PST 1467238833 S
Complaint : Mi ha escluso dall'acquisto anche se ho fornito tutte le garanzie di pagamento. (337)  Sep-25-01 16:52:43 PST 1457207684 S
Complaint : Seller said book was 2nd printing (it was a 9th!) and refused to take it back!

beckyboop99 (287)  Sep-23-01 17:35:52 PST 1180572280 S
Complaint : Beware!!! Never received item! Got bad feedback after 26days over 50.00 Later

bcummi5779 (233)   Aug-15-01 16:33:58 PST 1454758237 S
Complaint : Offered immediate pyment. Seller backed out 12 hrs after close of auction.

sangamoncountygirl (28)  Jul-02-01 11:38:21 PST 1146710998 S
Complaint : Listed as dirndl dress, is in fact only camisole & skirt, not German style.

fakm (208)  May-15-01 21:27:14 PST 1126358001
Complaint : not pleased w/seller's approach to misunderstanding, will not trade w/again (143)  Sep-29-00 15:37:56 PST 419811975
Complaint : Very difficult seller, would not complete transaction. Only bad ebay experience.
Response by retrotrish - Auction ended 8/30, no payment by - requested credit from eBay! (33)  May-16-00 13:11:29 PST 306671545
Response by retrotrish - Record description CLEARLY described in ad. Buyer needs to read description. (279)  Jan-05-00 09:23:13 PST
Neutral : re:comment of 12/22/99-paid by money order-book shipped two weeks late.
Follow-up by - SentSellerCopyOfMoneyOrderSellerLeftMeNegativeFdbackInRetaliationToNeutralFdback
Response by retrotrish - My records indicate that payment was by check.

retrotrish (1076)   Oct-28-98 13:35:02 PST
Praise : Toydork (123Fun) has been reported to eBay for providing fraudulent contact info
toydork (-1) Not a registered user Oct-28-98 13:07:52 PST
Neutral : Backed out after winning bid - a complete waste of time - sellers should avoid!!

As you can plainly see, she rips people off and then places all the blame on them while taking it all off herself. She even had the audacity to leave an ignorant comment to member "toydork" and sent it as a postive feedback comment! I don't believe what she claimed about him either. I think it's just her paraniod delusions working overtime again. All these people were innocent victims and should not have been subjected to such abuse. This bad eBayer must be stopped at once! Another member "mondials" was obviously so disappointed he cussed her out in another language. I can just imagine what he said LOL:) Her responses to some of these people is completely ignorant and uncalled for. One member "extsr" left her positive feedback and look at what she did to him? She left him negative feedback just to be ignorant and to me that is truly sad:( Member "sara-marie" got negative feedback for absolutely NO REASON at all as a result of Trish's mental state. I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs before she messes up someone else's life. As of right now, she has no auctions up for sale and I hope it stays that way in view of her indescretions and dishonesty. As you can see, dishonesty has a big price. The truth is out and she has been exposed. Hopefully, she won't be selling anything on eBay EVER again. I started a petition which hopefully will keep her off eBay. I urge everyone reading this to sign it by clicking on the link provided below. It's time to make a stand and stop trash like this from causing anymore damage.

UPDATE! Trish has taken on a new name while in her paranoia stage. Formally known as "retrotrish" and "harmony_rose" she has yet taken on a new identity "jitterbugdancing" so please watch out for her. Below is proof of her paranoia driven actions. She has no auctions up right now but hopefully she will stay out of business and just disappear. Her feedback profile is now private too but that's OK because I have backup copies of the original feedback. Always remember, when you try and hide from the truth, it will forever come back to haunt you. Here's the proof that Trish's paranoia has taken a turn for the worst:

User ID History for jitterbugdancing

Effective Date
Sunday, Aug 16, 1998

End Date
Thursday, Jul 11, 2002

Effective Date
Thursday, Jul 11, 2002

End Date
Sunday, Aug 11, 2002

Effective Date
Sunday, Aug 11, 2002

End Date
She's At It Again!
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