More Incredible Truth About Trish!
Well, she's at it again only now she's using other resources. Before you read on, please note that this is the whole truth and not designed to defame Trish in any way. I just feel she needs to be exposed and pitied. She had an 8-track tape carousel holder for sale on eBay and my friend was interested in it so he sent her a message inquiring about it. Here's the response he first got:

(This is an automatically generated response.)

SUMMER HOURS - I answer email and do eBay work Monday through
Thursday.  I deposit payments and ship twice a week sometime in that
same 4 day time frame.

If you're inquiring about your purchase ...
PLEASE NOTE: This is a busy time with my (non-eBay related) freelance
business. I try to mail packages as quickly as possible, but sometimes
"get backed up."  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery from the time
checks are received and deposited. Items paid for by money orders and
cash ship first. Thanks!  You will receive a confirmation email when I put
your package in the mail, so you'll know to look for it.  In four years on
eBay, I have never forgotten a buyer or a package! :-)

I am juggling eBay along with my full-time freelance business and
family responsibilities.  Please know that I will respond to eBay
related email, and mail eBay packages, as quickly as possible
given other demands on my time.  Thanks for your note, and hope
you are having a great week!


Now this seems like a very nice response but what happened next was totally uncalled for and dumb. She actually had the nerve to "Forbid" him to bid on anymore of her auctions! Now I ask you, what kind of crap is that? Here's what I think, she enjoys playing with people which is plain to see from page 1. I don't understand how she could "Forbid" someone she doesn't even know from buying something she was selling for a friend! It's all written in her auction listing. Please carefully note the date the auction started and the reason. Here's the first part of it below:

8 Track Holder - Carousel - 1970s RETRO 
Item # 1360862061 

Consumer Electronics:Home Audio & Video:Vintage:8-Track Players 

Bidding is closed for this item. 

Payment Details See Payment Instructions and item description, or contact seller for more information. 

Payment Instructions See item description or contact seller for more information. 


The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing.

   (to seller)
Currently  US $8.00     First bid  US $8.00
Quantity  1  # of bids  0   bid history 
Time left  Auction has ended.
  Location  Atlanta
   Country/Region  United States /Atlanta
Started  Jun-17-02 14:47:44 PDT   mail this auction to a friend

Ends  Jun-27-02 12:47:59 PDT  

Seller (Rating)  retrotrish(1063)
view comments in seller's Feedback Profile | view seller's other items 
High bid  --
Payment  Money Order/Cashiers Checks. Personal Checks. See item description for payment methods accepted
Shipping  Buyer pays for all shipping costs. Will ship to United States only.

See how lame the excuse is? How could there be an error in listing when the auction was going on for weeks? Couldn't she have seen the error before that if that was REALLY the case? I think so! Now here's the last part of the auction listing. There's a lot of mumbo jumbo in it:




eBay Sales Since 1998
You're bidding on a great treasure from RetroTrish:

Great RETRO 1970s 8 Track Tape Holder -- plastic - rotates carousel style. A wonderful addition to your retro collection! I currently have an 8 track player and approximately 60 tapes (8 track) listed on eBay. These were given to me by a friend to sell. He was the original owner in the mid 1970s. The 8 track player and the tapes have been carefully stored in boxes in his guest bedroom; they are in good condition and have not been exposed to dust or heat. Please check out my other auctions for lots of retro 8 track fun!

Sales Terms - Please Read Before Bidding:

Please email seller with your name and address after end of auction, so I can calculate shipping rates. Thanks! I do not use the eBay Checkout option. I send bills as quickly as possible after auction ends (if auction ends on the weekend, you will receive bill on Monday).
SUMMER HOURS - I answer email and do eBay work Monday through Thursday. I am offline Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Money orders, cash, and checks welcome. PLEASE NOTE: This is a busy time with my (non-eBay related) freelance business. I try to mail packages as quickly as possible, but sometimes "get backed up." Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery from the time checks are received and deposited. Items paid for by money orders and cash ship first. Thanks! I do not accept Paypal, credit cards, or any type of online escrow or electronic transfer.
Shipping & Handling Rates -- I am charging new postage rates effective June 2002 to accomodate new USPS rates:
BOOK - Media Mail or Priority Mail (your choice)
VIDEO - Media Mail or Priority Mail (your choice)
CD - Media Mail or Priority Mail (your choice)
CASSETTE - Media Mail or Priority Mail (your choice)
8 TRACK TAPE - Media Mail or Priority Mail (your choice)
AD - First Class mail
SEWING PATTERN - First Class mail
PHOTO or POSTCARD - First Class mail
RECORD ALBUM - Priority Mail only
MAGAZINE - Priority Mail only
COLLECTIBLES, TOYS, GAMES, ETC. - Priority Mail only
Postal insurance is available, and recommended for breakables. Seller is not responsible for postal loss or breakage.
Combined shipping - I am always happy to combine shipping for anyone who purchases more than one item within a week. Please visit my eBay page for other retro treasures.
Payment is due within 10 days of auction or credit will be requested from eBay, appropriate feedback will be left, and item will be relisted. Please bid only if you intend to follow through with payment - thank you.
As in any auction, all sales are final. I do not offer returns or refunds; if you have any questions about item please email and ask them before bidding.
Seller reserves the right to cancel bids by buyers with history of nonpaying bids, no bidding history, hidden feedback, or outside of requested bid area (i.e. buyers not in the USA).
Attempts by buyers to renegotiate sales terms after auction closes will result in credit being requested, item being relisted, and appropriate feedback being left. Sales terms as stated above (i.e. No Paypal, 14 day check hold, shipping charges, USA sales only) are non-negotiable.

Thanks for bidding and good luck!

WOW! A lot of words huh? Anyway, the point is my friend fit all the criteria. He does NOT have any negative feedback or no feedback at all. As a matter of fact, his first feedback is positive. His feedback is NOT hidden and he IS within the USA. If you read carefully, it's all listed in the discription. She just wanted to be ignorant. He wasn't the only person she did this to either. My friend had someone else bid on the item and that's when she ended it. Now how stupid is that? VERY if you ask me. In addition to this, she also has a complaint in her feedback from someone else she screwed over. Check it out:

karla100 (48)  Jun-21-02 05:28:14 PDT 851876073 S
Complaint : Quite disappointed; auction ended 3/24, check cleared 4/3, rec'd item 6/18 

Here's more proof of this woman's ignorance. Bottom line, she doesn't care about anything or anyone but herself and her retro crap. My friend by the way found a much better and cheaper 8-track carousel holder and he's extremely happy about it:) I guess it's her pitiful loss and his wonderful gain:) This all goes to prove that people who set out to do something dishonest ALWAYS lose in the end and in my opinion Trish lost BIG time:) The laugh is on her now HAHAHA!

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