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  The Truth About A Slanderous Website: Internet Stalker X aka Internet Stalker - Noel Title Necessary.
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Let The Truth Be Told!
In this first paragraph, I would like to introduce myself and state the purpose of this website. My name is Noel A. Bednaz and I am a cyber stalking victim. I created this website because I want to reveal the truth about a certain sick and slanderous website titled: "Internet Stalker X" which was created by an obsessive individual named Dennis P. McCann who is currently stalking and harassing me online. I'm sure there are many people who have already seen this disgusting piece of garbage and now I intend to expose all the lies presented on Dennis's website about me. I don't wish to go any into details regarding my personal feelings on the website since I have already expressed those feelings on another seperate website which also serves as my online journal. The link for that website will be featured here. Let The Truth Be Told!
IMPORTANT UPDATE! This website is featured now in the search engine of so it may be only a matter of time before my stalker finds it. If for some reason it is removed as a result of stalker Dennis trying to prevent the truth from getting out, rest assured another exact duplicate of this site will be re-created and placed in whatever search engine I choose. My stalker can't hide from the truth forever.
The Truth!
Ok, here's the scoop. A few months back, Dennis P. McCann thought it would be cute and funny to create a sick and slanderous website about me titled: "Internet Stalker X" aka "Internet Stalker - Noel Title Necessary" which contains nothing but lies and proof that HE is stalking ME rather than the other way around as he claims. Dennis has not only labled ME as the stalker but he has made every effort to try and discredit me to anyone who will listen. In addition, he speaks often of 18 criminal counts of so-called stalking which I was allegedly convicted of but the fact of the matter is there was only 13 counts and the complaints were all false to begin with. Also, I was NEVER convicted on ANY of the counts and the original complaints didn't have ANYTHING to do with stalking whatsoever. I did however get 2 years probation which for the record I don't feel I deserved in the first place as a result of the false complaints and Dennis tried to use the fact that I was on probation against me recently by issuing a false complaint of his own with the District Attorney in my jurisdiction. Fortunately, the District Attorney saw right through Dennis's lies and ended up dismissing all the old charges for which I was originally placed on probation for. This was a huge victory for me:) The dockets which Dennis has uploaded onto his website relating to the 13 counts are now null and void. It's illegal for him to even have them publicly displayed at all. It's also illegal for my name and personal information to be listed on the website. At this time, I'm working with a lawyer to get Dennis's sick website removed so it's only a matter of time before our goal is achieved.
The "Bomb" Threat Story.
Now, I would like to address the issue surrounding this so-called "Bomb" threat story Dennis speaks of at nauseasm. When I first got into the Internet back in 2000, I had made the unfortunate mistake of joining a discussion group run by a black supremacist named Ken Granderson and his partner Martin Welch. The bottom line is this, I was discriminated against by them both and every single member of that hideous group "Black Facts" for being white and because I stood up for myself after the constant racially motivated names being thrown at me as well as additional verbal abuse. I also got falsely accused of phoning in a bomb threat to Ken which by the way I was NOT responsible for at all. I have several witnesses who can back me up on this. In any case, it was none of Dennis's business whatever went on between those other jerks and me. He just decided to make it his business like the warped asshole he is. Another thing I would like to address is the fact I was NEVER convicted of such a crime nor did it ever go to court.

The Legend Of Steffy - Dennis's Co-Conspirator & The Slanderous Crusade.
Steffy was someone I got mixed-up with when I joined her discussion group titled: "Ultimate Flame War" which has since been shut down. She was someone I thought I could trust and tell all my troubles to but I was sadly mistaken. I was set up in the worst way by her and a few other people when they deliberately did things to get me in trouble. I did my very best to fight off the personal attacks being inflicted on me from Steffy and her crew but it wasn't all that easy. I knew trouble was coming my way so I eventually ended up parting ways with Steffy after confronting her about the rotten things she was doing. She couldn't handle being questioned about her actions and decided to go on Dennis's side against me. After she masterminded a plan to bring Dennis down and even tried to get me involved on the attacks to his discussion groups at Yahoo, she had the nerve to be a 2-faced little twit. Not only that but she had the audacity to twist my words all around to make ME look like the mastermind behind HER evil plan. Unbelievable! Anyway, her pathetic and untrue testimony on Dennis's website isn't even fit to be classified as credible since SHE is the main culprit in the attacks on Dennis's former discussion groups. I only made her THINK I was in on everything with her but the fact of the matter is, I was NOT. The reason why I made her think I was on her side regarding the attacks is because I thought she was my friend at the time and I didn't want her to think I was some sort of whimp for not getting my hands dirty. I told her later it was all a con and I was deeply sorry for not being more honest about things. I also revealed the truth that I wasn't actually a participant with her on the attacks to Dennis's groups and that's when she decided to turn on me out of spiteful revenge. Yahoo removed those groups by the way as a result of several complaints being issued against Dennis for abuse related issues. It had NOTHING to do with any fake e-mail programs like Dennis claims. It was all HIS fault but yet he still feels the need to shift all the blame onto ME because HE couldn't behave himself in HIS OWN groups. It's like the old saying goes: "You play, you pay." Dennis lost his groups as a result of his own ignorance and nothing more. It had NOTHING to do with ME whatsoever. He got exactly what he deserved for thinking he was so high and mighty;) Unfortunately now, he thinks he's above the law. After Dennis lost all his groups, he began his crusade against me which included creating his slanderous website about me and defaming my character all over the Internet. That's going to change real soon though;) Regarding the other fools who issued statements on Dennis's website against me, these are just a bunch of misguided idiots who somehow managed to get sucked in by Dennis's lies. I NEVER did ANYTHING to them and I certainly wouldn't classify anything they have to say as credible either. I say this because I know how Dennis can manipulate people into thinking on his level. He's VERY clever when it comes to persuading others that he's Mr. Wonderful and I'm just a no-good criminal. None of it's true though and there are many other good, decent people who know me well enough and realize that I'm NOT the stalker but rather the victim. I'm NOT a criminal either. Those whom Dennis has managed to drag over to his side with his lies and deception would probably say anything he wanted them to especially if they believe a word of what he says about me. Hopefully, they will soon realize that he is not who they think he is and everything on his sick website is just a pack of lies labeled as truth.

Closing Notes.
I would like to take this time to thank those who stood by me through this whole mess with Dennis and I also want to thank God everyday for my survival. It hasn't exactly been easy but I'm holding on to what I have in my life right now that's decent and pure. I refuse to let Dennis steal any more away from me. He has tried everything in his power to rip away my spirit and my good name but he won't be able to continue on with his crusade against me for much longer. Justice WILL prevail in my favor;) It's only a matter of time. For those of you who continue to believe Dennis's lies, I feel sorry for you because you have been manipulated by an evil sociopath. For those of you who may or may not have seen Dennis's sick website, you really need to ask yourself some important questions before coming to any sort of conclusion about what's written on it.

#1, why would someone who is allegedly getting stalked by another follow that person supposedly doing the stalking around all over the Internet?

Normally when a person is getting stalked, that person does his or her very best to avoid being in the same places as their stalker online or off. I have done just that but Dennis has done just the opposite. He has been following me all over the place online with the intent to cause trouble for me every where I go. Even though he has accused me of doing that to him, I have NOT done ANYTHING of the sort. I have done everything humanly possible to avoid being in the same place as him online but unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for him.

#2, since Dennis has posted on his website all the groups I'm part of, websites that I have created, some of my previous e-mail addresses, my Social Security number, the town I live in, and the time it is in my town among other things which by the way have nothing to do with ME stalking ANYONE as he claims, doesn't that prove he's stalking me?

Another thing to consider is who joined all those groups he listed on his website first. The fact of the matter is, I joined those groups first and he joined after me so he could spew his garbage to the people there in an attempt to make me look bad. This is the classic routine of a stalker. Dennis has displayed this behavior many times before proving my point further that he is no victim. It's all about revenge and nothing more with him. I want justice and he wants to get even plain and simple all because I chose to stand up for my rights rather than lay down so he could walk all over me. By the way, I had to go so far as to change my Social Security number because of Dennis publicly displaying it and the majority of the e-mail addresses he has on his website belong to other innocent people not connected with me at all. A few of the websites I created that refer to him was just me excersizing my right to free speech but as usual Dennis's ignorance kicked in and I was denied the right to say what I feel. I did the right thing by reporting his groups to Yahoo though and I don't regret that decision for 1 minute. I did good and I feel wonderful about it:) Something else I would like to mention is the fact that his website was taken down approximately 4 times before being restored once again recently. This proves that he's using that website as a weapon to target me and not for legal or archival purposes as he claims on his front page. I was notified recently from an online associate that Dennis put the website back up because he claims a lot of people were joining his new discussion groups at "SmartGroups" using fake e-mail accounts and he assumed I was behind all that. The truth is, I was NOT involved at all and there are people who can verify this 100%. Another thing I wish to bring up is the fact that Dennis contacted me recently to harass me some more. I didn't initiate any contact with him first either. He's the 1 who intitiated contact by sending the first message to me and I merely replied telling him to leave me alone or get reported again. I don't know for sure if he will comply or not but I have no intention of replying to any more of his messages. I just felt compelled to reply this final time so I could make myself abundantly clear when indicating that I did not wish to be bothered by him again now or in the future. That message he sent me is yet MORE proof that HE is the stalker instead of me. Victims don't normally initiate contact with their stalkers. Only stalkers themselves do that. In closing, I would like to say that no matter what else Dennis tries to pull on me, I will still remain strong and on top of things. I refuse to let that monster take control of MY life EVER again! He may have his fun for now but it's all got to end sometime and it will as long as I have the power to make a difference.

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