Hello. My name is Noel and I created this site because I want to set the record straight. First let me start off by saying, this site is not intended to defame, harass or promote any kind of criminal acts whatsoever. This is just me venting out my rage and exercising my right to free speech which has been denied many times before by 1 man who hates me and wants to see me fail. His name is Dennis P. McCann. I first came in contact with him 4 years ago when I joined his group dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I joined thinking the group was a good place to be but based on my own personal experiences, I wish I had reconsidered my decision to join. It all started when me and this other girl named Heidi began a conversation about cats and Dennis got all up in our faces. Now, I feel he could have handled things differently but instead he chose to be a harsh dictator rather than ask us nicely to not talk about cats. He feels he was nice but I disagree. After having words with him, I requested to be unsubscribed. Things only got worse after that because since then, Dennis has been blaming me for everything that goes wrong with his groups. Yes, I admit I said and did some things I shouldn't have but so did Dennis. I have tried to leave it all behind but most recently, I discovered that could never happen. A few months ago, Dennis falsely accused me of attacking his groups by sending derogatory messages in his name and other member's names. I am NOT responsible for it and I told Dennis that. There was another girl involved who went by the name Steffy and she was actually the culprit who not only attacked Dennis's groups but masterminded a plan to bring him down. She also left me to take the fall for her. I forwarded all the messages she sent me to Dennis because I wanted to prove my innocence. Still, Dennis felt I was the culprit attacking his groups. I even offered a peaceful resolution and Dennis agreed but then behind my back, he starts blaming me all over again. He began posting my personal information on his groups so I had no choice but to report him to Yahoo and have his account terminated. I told him the report was filed weeks before we made amends and I couldn't take it back even if I wanted to because it was too late. He didn't care what I had to say. He just flew into a rage and threatened me by saying: "Go away now or look over your shoulder the rest of you life". He also told his group members to do what they wanted with me. Since then, these trolls have been doing what Dennis told them to do. He even got some old eBay trolls in on the act. All of these people based on what I have seen from them so far are just a bunch of  weak minded pigs who prey on innocent victims for sport. They have not only insulted my intelligence out of jealousy but they have been doing everything in their power to try and make me snap. Of course they won't be successful because I'm much stronger than they think but I have to admit their efforts regardless of how worthless they are isn't too bad. They have wasted a lot of precious time attacking me but at the same time, they have been helping me to build a stronger case against Dennis whom they are deffending. The petition I started to urge AOL and Yahoo to shut Dennis down is filled with evidence of these worthless attacks so basically, I got what I wanted:) They fell right into my trap. 1 of the multi-headed eBay trolls actually had the nerve to claim his mind was more superior than mine but the laugh is on him and the others because in 1 of his many rants, he not only revealed the fact they are all stalking me but he also helped me to conceal myself better on eBay. LOL:) He's so dumb. hehehe:)
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