On this page I would like to talk about Ken Granderson who operates a black supremacy group called Black Facts. I joined the discussion group to learn more about black history but instead, I learned all about racism and hate. I was labeled a "White Devil" and called every racist name in the book. The group owner at the time Martin Welch allowed all of this to go on for months before he unfairly booted me off the list for being white. I then reported his actions to Ken Granderson who owns Inner City Software which the groups are being operated from. Martin Welch is co-owner of the company but I didn't know this when I filed the complaint. My complaint fell on deaf ears because of Welch's status in the company so nothing was ever done about it. I did however manage to save all the hateful messages from the racist group members so all was not lost. After exposing them all to many people I knew, I decided to try and leave it behind me. Little did I know Granderson had more in store for me. Dennis somehow found out about Granderson and got in touch with him. Granderson told Dennis that I phoned in a racially motivated bomb threat but I NEVER did such a thing. Since Dennis has gotten this false information, he has been spreading it to anyone who will listen to his rambling. He told thousands of people that I was convicted as a result of the bomb threat but that's not true at all. I was NEVER convicted because it NEVER happened. I think Granderson just needed to spew his lies to someone who also hated me and he found exactly what he was looking for in Dennis. I'm the one who suffered racially motivated abuse! NOT Granderson or anyone else in his racist group! My wish is that him and Dennis would simply vanish and let me get on with my life. I know this will NEVER happen so I accept things the way they are. All I can do now is fight legally for my rights. In my opinion, Dennis, Granderson, Welch, and all of the weak minded puppets they control are nothing but a bunch of hateful, worthless, pigs who have nothing else better to do with their time than pick on someone who they consider to be vulnerable in 1 way or another. Rest assured, they will NOT get the better of me. I have all the leverage I need to insure my rights are protected and they are all removed from power. I will prevail because I'm a fighter. A fighter NEVER backs down from a challenge. If they think trying to break me down is going to make them the victor, they've got another thing coming because I will NEVER submit to them or ANYONE else. I don't care what ANY of them think about me because I know the truth. I know I'm much better than whatever delusional bullshit  they can come up with so they can ALL kiss my hairy white ass! I'm looking out for #1 now! They don't have a chance of beating me into the ground like they want so they might as well give it up now before this whole thing comes back to haunt them later. #1 is all that matters to me besides all the good and decent people in my life. Everyone else is just a bunch of pathetic turds. In closing, I would like to note a few more facts. The 13 NOT 16 counts I was falsely accused of which Dennis told everyone about had NOTHING to do with cyber stalking. Some Christian hypocrites created lies about me for attention and revenge. Nothing more. They claim I threatened them. I did NOT! I didn't even have a computer when this crap supposedly took place so I'm taking them to court soon for aggrivated damages. In the end, I will prevail. That is all I have to say. Peace and take care:)