A Tribute in Honor of:
This page is a loving tribute to a great guy. A guy who touched many with his smile. A guy who gave so much to so many people. A guy who never knew the meaning of the word "Die" and who stood up against all challenges no matter how big. He died just as he had lived, with honor. When things got tough, he got tougher. His biggest challenge came when his parents deserted him leaving him alone to fend for himself in a cold cruel world. He was only 6 years old and living with total strangers. He was starved and beaten as punishment for making mistakes. He was so frail growing up so that's why he dedicated his life to combating hate and injustice. Most recently, he attempted to clean up the discussion boards at eBay and succeeded in doing so. Afterwards however, some hostile member came forth and wanted to get even with Ozone who's real name is Ace. This member persisted in going after him even after his death. Finally, he caved in and let it be. It took some close personal friends and a peace organization to make a difference but at least a good choice was made and peace restored. I can not say the name of the member because he means nothing to us. He may have turned noble in the end but still a terrible injustice was done and that can not be erased. Ace would agree. He always said: "The first step to recovery is admitting when you're wrong." So true that is. Before his unfortunate dealings with eBay, he took on other forums which he felt promoted hate and violence. His success was tremendous in getting the bad guys. He was truly an inspiration to all men as far as I am concerned. He was the model of how every American man should be. Tough, compassionate, sincere, honest, peaceful, loving, and understanding is what he was. Bottom line, he was a REAL man and not just some cheap imitation like most guys I know. The mistakes he made by taking drugs and drinking do not change the man he really was. It does not make him a bad guy. He was a sad guy towards the end but he still went out fighting. His last words were: "I want my legacy to live on. I want my cause carried out and I want all the bad guys everywhere to pay for their mistakes. No more hate on the web. All my friends, please take over for me." We all agreed and that is what we are doing here now. We may not be able to rid the world of hate but we can do our very best to go after all the forums like eBay which spew hate and promote violence. By going after them we mean to confront the members and the people running things and let them know who we are and what we stand for: Freedom, Justice, And Equality! This is what Ace wanted and that is what he shall surely get. He stood for much more than anyone ever knew. He was a vigilante, a peacemaker, and a motivator all in one. He will always be remembered in our hearts with love and peace. He was the man!
This concludes our tribute. Thanks for stopping by. In the words of the late GREAT Ozone aka Ace: "Have a very nice day!"