To all it may concern,
I had to remove all the poems which once were presented on this site because of many ignorant, weak minded trolls who chose to take my words out of context. They are all programmed by this internet predator named Dennis whom I have had the unfortunate experience in being associated with.  I joined 1 of his many groups 4 years ago and that's when all the trouble started simply because I refused to be dictated to by him. The trouble has been on going all this time simply because Dennis can't have his way with me. Most recently, I was falsely accused of attacking his groups. I was NOT responsible but I knew who was and I sent Dennis all the proof I had. Still, he felt the need to resume the war he has waged with me. I am not his only victim though. There are others who are part of a well known group dedicated to Lou Reed. 1 of the victims in particular is a journalist with over 30 years experience. We have been in contact with each other and are planning on persuing legal recourse against Dennis and ALL his co-conspirators. They are all currently being investigated. AOL and Yahoo are also aware of Dennis's actions towards me and others. It will only be a matter of time before he is shut down permanently. Dennis has blamed all HIS dirty deeds on ME in a pathetic attempt to remove the blame off himself because he isn't man enough to admit his mistakes. Rest assured, he and the others will be dealt with accordingly. They have broken several laws all of which will be handled with whatever legal recourse is necessary. I have started a petition which I'm hoping will help make a difference in the way AOL and Yahoo deals with such issues so I hope anyone reading this will read it and sign it. Here is the link:
AOL and Yahoo MUST enforce their Terms Of Service and stop abusive behavior from users of their services!
I must warn you, there are quite a few abusive signatures on the petition which Dennis and his gang put there. Please ignore them and sign if the cause is real to you. There is however quite a few positive signatures on the petition by some REAL people which should be acknowledged. I was going to remove the derogatory remarks but decided to leave them there because I feel it will only make my case stronger and at the same time show the reason for the petition being written. It's such a shame that Dennis and the others can't get it together and drop this crazy vendetta. Those who follow Dennis are so weak in the mind, they can't see the harm they are doing nor can they form an original thought because  they are all programmed like robots. They won't say or do ANYTHING without an order from Dennis. He is the shepherd and they are the sheep of his flock. It's unfortunate but true. Hopefully, they will soon see the light and leave the darkness which surrounds Dennis. One can only hope. In the meantime, they are all under his spell and will remain this way until Dennis is removed from power. At this time, we must pray for their souls and for Dennis to see the error of his ways before it's too late but we also must fight all the abuse which has generated from each and every 1 of them as a result of Dennis barking out orders like Hitler. The time has come for Dennis to be disarmed. The time has come for justice. Peace and take care:)