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Dedicated to Jim Morrison and the Doors!
Jim Morrison was a great poet and musician. His memory and legacy will be forever inserted into the heart and minds of fans young and old. In honor of his greatness as well as the other Doors, I have created a discussion group just for those who appreciate them as much as I do. Come on in and break on through to the other side. Just click on the link provided to join. Or you can submit your e-mail address and join my "Hyacinth House" group at Smartgroups. I am really looking forward to sharing thoughts, memories, pictures, and links relating to Jim and the Doors with fellow fans.
Please note:
There is an underscore in the group title due to the fact someone stole my original group name after it had been closed for only 2 months. I had some things to deal with which prompted the decision to close it temporarily. The individuals who slapped it back up did so without permission and are believed to be the ones who attacked the list before it's closing. These of course are just my personal opinions and are not necessarily fact. The group was attacked but by who nobody knows. It just looks very suspicious since they grabbed the name up so quickly. Please rest assured my group is the original and best and this behavior will never happen there. Of course you can also join my group at Smartgroups if you prefer. At least that one has no underscore hehehe:) Thank you for stopping by and take care:)
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The Official "HyacinthHouse" discussion group.
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