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This page is here to expose the ignorant, dispicable practices of Ebay members and staff which I have unpleasantly been exposed to first hand. I have concrete proof of their foolish, stupid, idotic tactics which will be displayed for you to see. The things that they allow members to do and their method of dealing with such acts is revolting as far as I am concerned. First, let me tell you about who they are and what they do. Ebay is supposed to be a fun auction site but in my personal opinion, it is nothing more than a cover page for hate and contempt. PLEASE NOTE: This website is based on my own personal experiences in dealing with them and does not necessarily reflect on the company itself. Here are some examples:

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Ebay should eliminate snipers!!!!
fungames3 (38) (view author's auctions)
8:23pm February 19, 2002

Sorry to disappoint you but turn off the fire, this is not your typical antisniper thread!
This is getting ridiculous. Thanks to all of you! almost everybody is sniping. I CAN DO WITHOUT COMPETITION!!!
Where are the good old days when people used to leave an early bid? The nibblers would have chewed those early bids then at the end you knew you only had to add a few cents on top of the nibbler to win at the last second.
What is the point of staying up all night for the kill when you are not the only sniper?
Is it me or have you noticed the increase on sniping tactics too?
Is it because of the sites that do it for you or a new trend? Are there many of you using the sites providing the service?

black_widow_sniper (25) (view author's auctions)
8:24pm February 19, 2002 (#1 of 15)

It means you have to get better..more thrills for your you know we're really only in it for the excitement

oilcanterryl (55) (view author's auctions)
8:31pm February 19, 2002 (#2 of 15)

Basicly all the sniper web pages teaching people to snipe from these very boards. Sniping is growing like a cancer and needs to be elimimated soon as possible. It is an ever growing problem.

pixie_marie (0) (view author's auctions)
8:38pm February 19, 2002 (#3 of 15)

Not again!!

pahoo (284) (view author's auctions)
8:41pm February 19, 2002 (#4 of 15)

Sniping is growing like a cancer
Drug treatment will wipe it out.
Y'all ever tried to snipe after a few hits on some really righteous doobie weed?

The person who started this thread on one of the Ebay discussion boards made a simple statement and look what happened. Snide remarks from other obviously ignorant members. There's more so read on and take a look at these other examples of hate displayed on Ebay:

eBay > Community > Discussion Boards > Board Policies > Bidding >
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Is it Ok to post personal websites as long as they are clean?
crazy_charlie69 (1) (view author's auctions)
9:57am February 21, 2002

I have seen many people post websites to the boards and I wanted to know if this is Ok to do. Please let me know. Thanks:)

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crazy_charlie69 (1) (view author's auctions)
1:15pm February 21, 2002 (#35 of 39)


gruffbillygoat (0) (view author's auctions)
1:13pm February 21, 2002 (#34 of 34)

My brothers and i love Trolls.
Baked, fried, roasted or slow cooked.
Even been known to have one raw from time to time.
But then we're beast.

That's VERY nice:)

kernowlass (1) (view author's auctions)
1:17pm February 21, 2002 (#36 of 39)

Oh go boil your head Charlie. You pathetic little toad.
NONE OF US believe your stoopid little posts.

gruffbillygoat (0) (view author's auctions)
1:17pm February 21, 2002 (#37 of 39)

I'm a horney old goat.
Been known to go after anything.
Even someone a gamey as you Charlie.

*great_googly_moogly* (0) (view author's auctions)
1:19pm February 21, 2002 (#38 of 39)

Well it claims to not be one and the same with justice, yet on the board, charlie used the phrase writer's trick when referring to his petition and on the petition itself, justice claimed to have started the petition as a writer's trick. I think it is forgetting which name it is using and when and just outed itself. JMO.

gruffbillygoat (0) (view author's auctions)
1:21pm February 21, 2002 (#39 of 39)

You need a working brain to remember stuff like that. CC got short changed.

I ask a simple question and all of a sudden the flames start up and supposedly grown adults begin sounding like pre-school kids at recess. I even started a petition to get this unfair "Sniping" activity eliminated from Ebay but some ugly little Ebay squids had other ideas. Take a look:


To: Ebay Inc.
Snipers have been infesting Ebay with their disease long enough. They prey on the newbies all the time and they take great pleasure in engaging in dirty, unfair tactics to prove their adequacy as human beings but in reality, they are nothing more than theiving preditors who snipe just for sport. Ebay should not allow this to go on. This is not amusing nor funny and it ruins all the fun for other innocent, decent Ebayers. Fair bidding tactics should be enforced and encouraged by the Ebay staff. Bidding on an item 30 seconds before an auction ends is fair. If someone bids after 30 seconds, the auction should be extended so that others get a fair shot at the item. Please sign this petition and make them change their policy on rude bidding tactics once and for all. Thank you:)


The Undersigned

That was just the statement which I took a lot of care in composing. Now look at what the ignorant fools did:

30. Naru Youmoron I see you got NARU'd, little pee-pee pants. Don't even bother saying you cancelled the ID. Nobody believes your little pee-pee lies. Sure was fun rubbing your knuckles in shit today, pee-pee-girl.

29. JUSTICE LOL:) Whatever!

28. Ima Bedwetter Well justice/charlie, it sure looks like all these fine people screwed up your little petition. That's too bad. I see by your post below you've started another one but you won't let us know where. I guess you're afraid of people messing with that petition, too. But tell me, asswipe, how is anyone going to sign it? LOL! What a moron you are.

27. JUSTICE (My comments) LOL:) I LOVE YOU TOO! This broad is yet another fine display of what drugs do to your mind. She has been taking "Bella Donna" lately and she's gone simply MAD! By the way, Ebay user "" is a VERY sick individual with multiple personalities. Thank you:)

26. Justices Mother Hello everone again. This is justice's mother again. Please PLEASE don't respond to her on the eBay chat boards. She's locked herself in her room, she's not wearing any clothese, she's peed all over our good hardwood floor, and I can't get her off teh computer. I can only imagine what the chair looks like. I hope pee doesnt ruin wood. She knows she's a troll, but she can't help it.Her doctor is giving her medcines, but sometiemes she puts them up her but instead of taking them. she's just getting worse. Please leave her alone. Her stpebrother is taking her out on a date tonight, and I have to get her cleaned up.

25. JUSTICE (My comments) Just so everyone who sees this knows, all these people are big time "TROLLS" and they all have serious problems. One of the user ID's I discovered is "troll*buster" and he goes on Ebay discussion board "Bidding" all the time just to spread his little kiddie fiddling crap to the innocent Ebayers. If any good people reading this see him, slam him good for his lunacy. He is one sick puppy:)

24. JUSTICE (My comments) How old are you guys?

23. Dr. Feelgood JUSTICE - PLEASE get some professional help, you are one seriously deranged individual. I would suggest a long stay in a rubber room.

22. Justices Mom Hello, everyone, I am Justice's mother. I want to apologize for the behavior of my little boy/girl. You see, justice was born a hermaphrodite, and we've had an awful time raising her. She's 13 now, thinks that she's gay, but she doesn't know if she's a gay guy or a gay girl. You can imagine our problems. On top of that, she has this urination problem. She has a tendency to squirt pee into her underwear when she gets excited, like right now, answering all these nice people's posts. Would you please stop writing to him/her because my laundry bill is just awful. Oh! Gotta run. She's messed her pants again. Thank you all for understanding my problems.

21. Uncle Griff Charlie - Don't be an ass. Sniping is good, trolls are bad. In closing........ BLOW ME!

20. JUSTICE (My comments) This is unreal LOL:)I wonder when they will grow up?

19. Fucharlie Youdimwit I know, I can feel your power. Ooooohhh. You've got me shaking in my boots. Let me guess, you're going to launch one of your famous investigations, right? You'll deal with me, right? I'm signing off now asshole, cuz you just ain't worth the trouble to type, you fucking troll.

18. JUSTICE (My comments) Yep! Real mature.

17. Charlies Abigmoron It sure is fun to mess with you, justice. Did you squirt a little pee into your underwear?

16. Whatamoron Youmustbe Wow! You sure suckered us on that one, Charlie! Man you are SO clever and we're SO stupid. Too bad little girls like you are allowed to play on the internet.

15. JUSTICE (My comments) LOL:) Yeah you're on a roll now man. What a child you are.

14. Could you be a BIGGER dumb ass, Charlie?

13. NA (Too vulgar)

12. JUSTICE (My comments) I will send it to you privately. Don't give it to the a**holes Ok? If the new one gets messed up, I will just make another one. No problem:)

11. JUSTICE, please publish the address of your new petition. I'LL sign it. I
HATE snipes.

10. JUSTICE (My comments) Yeah Ok:) Whatever:)

9. Franklin S. You are infringing upon eBay's copyright. Remove this petition within 24 hours or face legal action.

8. the good ebayer If you'd just think of it as a hybrid silent auction...Just drop your envelope in the box, even at the last minute. At the end, they're all opened up, and highest bid wins. WHAT is so hard to understand???

7. Poor Charlie There, there, poor insane person. Things will be better by the time your 3:00 basket weaving class comes around.

6. Youre Deranged Your petition's not quite turning out the way you thought it would, huh justice?

5. Justice (My Comments) As you can see, the people who have signed are indeed BAD Ebayers and snipers too. Their comments only make them look stupid so please ignore them and sign this petition to get Ebay's attention. Unfair sniping is WRONG and should NOT be encouraged. Too bad the idiots who signed this with insults are so blind they can't see that. FOOLS!

4. Ima Pinhead I want to get away with a low bid, dagnabit!!

3. I'm a whiny loser snipers bad!!!

2. Justice Like we didn't know who you were, idiot. Your email is at the bottom of this page.

1. Crazy Charlie Screw you and your stupid petition, you moron.

This is a perfect display of hate and contempt by people who know nothing about ethics or morals. People like this should be banned from Ebay forever but unfortunately, Ebay seems to condone this sort of behavior and allowes screwballs like this to continue their little kiddie games. They don't stop them from what I have seen and they don't appear to care when innocent people report things to them. This is an outrage! NONE of the statements they have made against me is even true. It's all just a pack of lies the created to make themselves appear more adequate but in reality, they are nothing but sick frauds getting pleasure off other people's misfortunes. Watch out for them! The Ebay company itself has very good intentions but some of the members and staff need to work on their attitudes and adjust them to acceptable standards. This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. The meaningless "NARU" as they call it doesn't even bother me in the least. It's the total disregard for other people's feelings that makes me cringe. That dumb "NARU" word sounds like someone's bad breath. I wonder where they could have come up with that? Maybe it hits closer to home than any one of them cares to admit. LOL:)

More evidence that Ebay sucks!
Someone wrote an article about Ebay's "Checkout" problem and I just happen to have that story in my posession. Here is the full story:


ALL HAS NOT been well in the land of eBay since Checkout was unveiled on Oct. 22. Bulletin boards maintained by eBay are filled with angry posts lambasting the online auction service for the new payment policy. The words monopolistic,anti-American, and class action lawsuit are being bandied about by some of the more frustrated sellers. Others are simply threatening to stop selling on the service.
For its part, eBay maintains to the angry throngs that it's just being responsive to the other crucial half of the equation that makes the service a success: The buyers, who have said in the past that they're confused about how to close a sale. Checkout, they maintain, makes it easier.
For those who have never used eBay before, some background: When you are the successful bidder for an item on eBay, you're sent an e-mail that tells you so, and instructs you to correspond with the seller about the various ways you can pay for your purchase.

The payment methods include a good old-fashioned snail mailed check, credit card (if the seller accepts it,) a popular form of digital cash called PayPal, and more recently, a competitor to PayPal called Billpoint, which happens to have been created by eBay.
In essence, says eBay, the introduction of the new Checkout policy, which promotes the use of Billpoint, is similar to a store announcing it will accept a new type of credit card.

The difference, say the sellers, is that eBay owns that credit card, and is all but forcing buyers and sellers to use it as the de facto standard. Not only does eBay make a cut on every transaction conducted on the site (sellers pay a percentage of the sale), but now, sellers complain, eBay will also get get a fee when Billpoint is used.
Sellers say that while eBay maintains that the use of Checkout/Billpoint is optional, it is being promoted in a way that makes it hard, if not impossible, for customers to avoid. eBay is intermediating in a place where they hadn't been before, cry the sellers, by interjecting itself in the closing phase of a deal between buyer and seller.
One eBay seller who deals in stamps and stamp-related items, Bob Patkin of Georgetown, Mass., posted this message to an eBay complaint board.

├λέΓυ┼ΥWe try to list over 1,000 item per week but have literally stopped listing since Checkout has come about. We have many customers that buy up to 20 items at a time and Checkout requires me to send 20 invoices to one person. I have my own system that allows me to send multiple item invoices in seconds. We have avoided checkout but it has caused great confusion in some of our best customers. eBay please get rid of this option or make it our choice. If this does not happen we will be forced to stop using eBay.

The brouhaha illustrates that eBay isn't a giant homegrown yard sale anymore. Started by a man whose girlfriend wanted to find a way online to aid and abet her Pez collection hobby, eBay is now a place where thousands of people literally run virtual small businesses. Their livelihood is dependent on the policies eBay imposes, not to mention the tremendous traffic it enjoys.
Among the other complaints being levied against eBay is that the service is favoring high-volume sellers like Disney by not putting the same Checkout feature on its auctions. Many of these people feel the ultimate goal of eBay is to rid itself of the mom and pop sellers who built the service into the multi-billion dollar business it is today.

eBay Inc. (EBAY)
price change
69.50 unch

Not so, maintains Kevin Pursglove, the eBay spokesman, who says the mom and pop sellers to this day make up the lion's share of listings on the service.
The great majority of transactions are still done by fairly small to medium sized businesses, accounting for 80 percent of the listings on eBay, he said.
As for the outpouring of dissent on eBay's boards, Pursglove said part of the problem is that users often respond badly to change. People go on the board with grand conspiracy theories, he said. It's very clear for any user to see that the various services are optional.
That sort of argument, many of the sellers maintain, is not unlike another assertion made in a celebrated antitrust case.
I think this is very similar to what Microsoft did to Netscape, writes ShopCindys, a seller based in the Pacific Northwest.

A spokesman for Billpoint rival Paypal said the company has heard from many buyers and sellers that the new eBay policy is confusing.
We've certainly heard from many sellers that this is clearly designed to increase the use of Billpoint, said Vince Sollitto of Paypal (which in September filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission stating its intention to take the company public.) They're questioning the definition of the word optional. More than one in four eBay auctions use Paypal as their settlement means, said Sollitto, while under 5 percent use eBay's Billpoint. It certainly appears that they're attempting to devise ways to tilt the playing field. You do have to wonder why?

The answer is that online auctions are big business. With gross sales of .35 billion in the third quarter, eBay is not only the leader in online auctions, but an undisputed success story in a sea of drowned dot-coms. The passion of its community has been evidenced in the past, said Pursglove, when other features and services were introduced and met with ire.
The creation or introduction of any new service is designed to do what? Designed to help people buy and sell, said Pursglove. We have to be consistent in our willingness to work with buyers and sellers to improve the service.

I personally think that Ebay is just covering up their hides to conceal a more REAL truth. Their version of the truth in my opinion is compiled of nothing but lies and deciet. In other words, they tell you what they want you to hear and the truth escapes them along the way. Others may disagree but my personal experience with them is the basis for my opinion. When I first started on Ebay, I saw an item I wanted and just when I thought I had it, some rude, obnoxious, idiot sniped it away from me. I felt so angry and repulsed so I voiced my opinion on one of Ebay's discussion boards titled: "Bidding." The receiption I got was totally uncalled for. EVERYONE in there was insulting and childish. They ended up getting away with name calling and I got the shaft. Now I'm on a mission to even up the score. I know I will be successful because I have new plans in my head. They won't know what hit them:) I will be sure to update this site often and let all the good people reading this know what the outcome of my mission is. The "BAD" Ebay staff and members are history! That is a garantee! I want to make it quite clear that I am in NO WAY trying to discredit or slander Ebay the company itself or the staff and members. I just wanted to express my opinion and share some visible proof of the hate I experienced and witnessed while checking out the discussion boards which by the way are supposed to be fun and informative. Instead, members are allowed to spew hate. It's written clearly in the rules that this sort of behavior is prohibited but yet it continues to go on. To me, that is VERY sad and pathetic. Something needs to be done before it's too late.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements
Please check back often for updates to this site. I can assure you that the updates will be VERY interesting to read. Also, if for some reason this site is taken down as a result of Ebay's ignorance, there are more sites exactly like this except on different servers. All of the content is identical so you don't need to worry about all this helpful information being unavailable anymore. It will always be around so be looking out for me. Take care:)

More Ebay Crap!
Take a good look at the recent garbage that was spewed on Ebay's discussion boards just a few weeks ago:

megthefireymistress (0) (view author's auctions)
6:12pm March 19, 2002 (#33 of 38)

(sung to the tune of "nener....Nener....nener....")
I just LOVE a happy ending!!!!! ;-)

Just a bunch of childish nonsense talk here. There is nothing but adolecent fools on the "Bidding" board on Ebay. Here's more:

Exposed: the (50) E.G.O.S. who run this board!!
i_hate_snipers (0) (view author's auctions)
5:55pm March 16, 2002

Poor gymee's flame-proof skivvies weren't s.l.o.t.h.-proof and Oilcanman has apparently abandoned the cause. In an attempt to fill the anti-sniper void, I have fearlessly taken up the gauntlet.
My first mission: Expose the enemy. Surprisingly my research reveals that there are almost exactly 50 individuals, despite inflated claims by the Elitist Gang Of Snipers who control every aspect of life on the Bidding Board. I have meticulously analyzed two very lengthy key threads for evidence:
bidding rules need changes
The Insidious Bidding Board 50
In these two threads, the combined list of posters, excluding a small handful of self-proclaimed non-snipers and a few rarely-posting lurkers (seeking only auxiliary membership in E.G.O.S.), numbers slightly less than 50. I've added a very small number of obvious members absent from these two threads, and assigned each member a number, as annotated below (note: this listing contains no exact ID's)

tipT (by popular demand)
ikit (number by request)
ABC (somebody had to be 13 έΑΥ who better, with his ever-zany sense of humor)
Mr. Kiss
OOTGO50 (newbie έΑΥ apparently on probation)
Jeff (number by request)
40ft. (number by request)
BWS (number by request)
Steph (number by request)
As an obvious outsider, I provide this list only as advisory. The order of the list is purely my own, and no member of E.G.O.S. has ever claimed the membership is limited to 50. I would invite members I failed to recognize to post and claim numbers, to suggest corrections, etc.
To the newbies and lurkers coming to this board for advice: TAKE HEED of these individuals. YOU WILL BE SNIPED by these and their ilk. They snipe and they are proud of it (no accounting for taste). Importantly, they will give you straight advice, and help you be a better bidder no matter how opposed you are to sniping. Gawsh, they even helped me be a better early proxy bidder -- Bid that absolute MAX whenever you bid! :~)

This thread was started by someone who really knew what he was talking about. All the people listed are VERY BAD and should be ignored and reported to Ebay whenever the chance is available. I know for a fact though that Erin a well known paddy-wacker and ass-kisser staff member caters to the loser egostistical jerks listed above. Your best bet is to report all of them to a more suitable staff member and see what happens. Here is yet more from the "Bidding" board:

zerofeedback (0) (view author's auctions)
7:25pm March 13, 2002 (#3 of 3)

eBay is in deep with an image problem. They are vigorously attempting to thwart any activity that is suspicious. Obviously, this is a venue, and there are no legal "rights" one holds to use the site. If there is any evidence at all to support a complaint, I believe eBay is taking the stance that you are guilty until proven innocent.
Stevie Ray Vaughn wrote a song about being stranded in the crossfire. You are there.

Now here's proof of Ebay's paranoia. They are so concerned about their image that they will accuse anyone of being a board troll even if they are innocent or not. The part about them taking the stance "you are guilty until proven innocent" is nothing but a lie. I know because I have seen their brand of justice and personally, mine is better than theirs. I print the truth and tell the truth to the public. Ebay gives their version of the truth to the public to cover up a more realistic truth. The truth being, most of them believe lies told to them by the above listed members and the rest just say nothing and add to the conspiracy. The conspiracy of FRAUD! Read on and see more of the truth I am talking about:

attorney_barnabus_collins (0) (view author's auctions)
5:08pm March 13, 2002 (#393 of 407)

"Just like an attorney to be gone when you need them"
Ok, here I am.
I have no idea what is going on, but I DID participate in a little troll bashing here this morning. Me and him have a working relationship going though..anything goes?
Guess not.
I'll try to be good...I'm sure the pinks will be right on top of things from now on, defending us snipers from all who would break the rules and enguage in name calling.
Vacations going good, but I'm suffering from ebay withdrawl.

Troll bashing is a sport and a cheap thrill to the above mentioned members. Regardless if the person they are attacking is REALLY a troll, they are handed that label and harassed beyond all reason and belief. The Ebay staff allows this. They do nothing to stop it. Instead, they believe all the lies told to them and ban the innocent members from using Ebay services. That to me is a pathetic, God awful shame. I do hope they get what's coming to them REAL soon. Hopefully this website will help make that happen. Here's more:

llort!_repins (0) (view author's auctions)
3:51pm March 13, 2002 (#133 of 133)

Besides, I have a lot of work to do and if I do not get to it now, it will never get done. Have a great night all!Well it looks like he/she is off to acereport this thread - look to see it pulled tattletale - tattletale - hangin on a bull's tale!

Now doesn't this sound like something a 2 year old would say? This poster must still be wearing diapers in order to post such infantile crap. I will be posting more here at a later date so comeback soon and read more of Ebay member's pathetic tactics which Ebay staff ignores and allows to continue on a daily basis.


Check out what those losers did recently to another one of their so-called "Valued" members. This will totally repulse and anger most. This message was sent by a very upset and good member of Ebay:

Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 19:33:37 -0000



I wonder if any of you can maybe suggest anything to me.

Currently my Ebay membership is SUSPENDED - Now, hold on before any
of you think I'm some kind of crook, listen up.

I have been a U.K Member of Ebay for 18 months.

I currently have a Feedback rating of 411 - with NO NEGATIVES - Ever!

If you'd care to look at my feedback, words such as HONEST, HELPFUL,
QUICK, EFFICIENT, etc are there in abundance.

To all intents and purposes I am just the kind of member Ebay wants
and just the kind of seller/buyer that other members can TRUST to
deal with.

So why am I suspended?

Well, I deal in Movie memorabilia, Posters, Photos, lobby cards,
Presskits etc. I am a Professional photographer and also have many
contacts with Cinemas, Distributors etc.

Two weeks ago I had two items ENDED by Ebay. Two SPIDERMAN Movie
posters. "Strange", I thought, there must be some mistake, because
those posters are listed by many other members both in the UK and

I e-mailed Ebay to ask why they'd been ended - suggested there must
be a mistake - but had no reply.

So I checked around on the site to see if - for some reason - there
had been some kind of purge on Spidey posters. Nope - over 450
currently listed and the two I had 'pulled' were there in abundance.

So, I re-listed mine. Sold them with 'Buy it Now' etc.

A couple of days later ANOTHER (Different one this time) Spiderman
poster was ENDED by EBAY! Yet two or three other UK Sellers had
EXACTLY the same one still 'up and running' on the site.

"Oh Well", I thought - very odd, I'll relist it again - another

Next day, Monday - I get an e-mail telling me I'm SUSPENDED!

Obviously I am very disappointed, disillusioned, and confused.

I've been suspended for listing items that everyone else is listing.

Does that sound as UNFAIR to you as it does to me?

So I wrote a long e-mail to Ebay, polite as I could explaining
exactly as I have above. I also took a look at which Spiderman
posters were currently listed on the UK Site. 27 in all - with 13 of
them EXACTLY the same as mine! I wrote down all of the ID Numbers
and referred them to Ebay
- "If they are OK - Surely so are mine, thus I should not be


I wrote again three days later - to FIVE Different Ebay depts.
Finally got a reply - but obviously just a STANDARD Reply which

By now I was pretty disgruntled - Here I am, universally regarded by
many many members I've dealt with as HONEST, THOUGHTFUL HELPFUL and
the "best Ebayer they've ever dealt with" and I CANNOT GET AN ANSWER

So - I telephoned Ebay Head Office in San Jose, California - from
here in the UK (Now would I do that if I was in any way a 'dodgy'
Ebayer?) Spoke to a guy in Customer Support. He sympathized, but
could do nothing. Referred me to using the website contact facilty
to Safe Harbor. Which, reluctantly I did - on THURSDAY!

and FRIDAY!!



So - on the Ebay site it tells me I'm SUSPENDED! Tells me that I
cannot use the facilities (I have three Non paying bidders to
chase/report) until the outstanding issues are resolved.

How on earth can I resolve 'outstanding issues' if Ebay does not REPLY?

Fair enough - if I were some 'fly by night' member with piles of
negative feedback - but I'm NOT!

Does anyone have the faintest idea - or suggestion as what on earth
I can do?

Innocent until proved guilty maybe - but I'm 'locked-up' with the
key thrown away - shouting in my cell and the damn wardens have gone
down to the Pub! And WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG? Like I said - just
listed/sold items that everyone else is (and it's not like they are
new things - Suddenly they are ended, but I've been selling them for

Any help?

KEITH aka 'screentwo' on Ebay
(check my feedback - see how HONEST I am)

Now if this isn't unfair behavior, I don't know what is. It's all a bunch of crap the things they do and get away with. It's time for everyone to make a stand against these ignorant, disrespectful, unfeeling, unprofessional corporate bigots and their horrible actions. More updates to come so keep checking back.