About me and Noel.
I created this site to set the record straight on a few things. #1 I am not nor have I EVER been an eBay board troll. #2 This person Noel the US Bidding Board trolls rant about at nauseousm is not at all what they claim nor am I. They have this impression Noel and I are 1 in the same but that is hardly the case. I joined up with eBay sometime last year thinking it was a nice place to bid on items and meet new people. I was only correct on 1 count. Yes it is a nice place to bid but not a nice place to meet new people. I began posting regularly on the US Bidding Board until 1 day, Noel contacted me after hearing about me from someone else. He expressed concern due to the fact this stalker/harasser "englandboy" was bothering him via e-mail. He asked for my help so I gave it to him. Recently, I decided I had enough of the US Bidding Board for a while so I went to the UK boards and Australia boards to see if things were better over there. Well it didn't take long for the US Bidding Board trolls to show up and cause trouble for me like they always have for other people. They spewed lies about me and made claims I wasn't who I said I was. I realize maybe I should not have told anyone about "englandboy" being a possible pedophile on the boards but it was something I heard from another party and I thought others should know about it. I am uncertain weather it is fact or not. What I want from all the people on the UK and Australia boards is a chance to prove these US trolls wrong. I was chatting with people on both boards recently and had fun doing so. I don't feel the wrong judgements of others should reflect in any way who I really am. I think of myself as caring and kind. I don't usually hate anyone but I do hate the US Bidding Board trolls. May God forgive me for those thoughts but I can't help feeling this way. These trolls have been harassing others especially Noel for nearly 2 years now and they have now started on me. Please do not believe them. Everything they said about me on the boards is a lie. I do not feel I have presented myself as a troll on either the UK boards or the Australia boards so I should not be marked as such. I am asking all of you to accept the person you see before you and not the person these other trolls claim. I made 1 mistake. To err is human, to forgive devine. I will not post things like that again because I see what havoc it caused. I had no idea that would happen or else I never would have said a thing about "englandboy" and what I heard. I wish to start over fresh with all of you and leave this garbage behind in the shadows. Everyone makes mistakes so why can't I? The important thing is learning from them and I certainly have. I refuse to let the US trolls get me down. Regardless of how they feel or what they think, I know I am a good person who makes mistakes sometimes. Please don't judge me for what those trolls think of me. If you must judge me, judge me for what you hear from me. Not what you hear from them. You might not remember but yesterday, I posted good wishes for a child named Owen who was sick. Another member started the thread and I wished the little boy well. If I was really all that bad, I would not have expressed good wishes in any sense. You have to think about that for a minute. I'm really not a bad guy and if you give me a chance to prove that, you won't be sorry. Thanks for listening.
Name: John
Email: collector2600@yahoo.com