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Listen Up!

This page is dedicated to my most cherished cause, the environment. I believe in total preservation for the air, trees, water, and animals. All things in nature should be cherished and it saddens me when people abuse it. Pollution should cease to exist. Noone should abuse Mother Earth. We have a duty to nurture and protect our world from all forms of pollution. It's time to make a stand and squash out environmental abuse forever!

What You Can Do For ATWA!

We all need to pay more attention to what's going on around us. By planting a tree, picking up rubbish, walking or biking rather than riding in a vehicle, conserving energy, loving Mother Earth and all the animals that roam about, and helping to clean up the air and water by increasing the world's awareness is a great way to insure ATWA serves it's purpose. ATWA was originally started by Charles Manson, Sandra Goode (Blue), Lynette Squeaky Fromme (Red), George Stimson, and other associates. It's our duty NOW to keep the dream alive and prevent what they started from diminishing. There is much controversy surrounding them but the cause makes perfect sense. What they stood for is as much a reality as our death is if we fail to listen to their words and heed them well. If we continue abusing our Mother Earth, she will come back and kill us all. We cannot live without clean water, air, and trees nor can the animals. By taking charge and preserving the environment, we not only save ourselves but the animals as well. The establishment is the root of all evil because they pollute the earth on a daily basis and they program us to do the same. It's time for us all to break away from that cycle and form our own ring. It's time to start thinking for ourselves and helping others to see what they are doing to our world. We MUST see to it that ATWA lives on FOREVER!

Thoughts On ATWA From Charlie, Red, And Blue! (Some Personal Thoughts Also)

The Bottom Line:

ATWA -- Air, Trees, Water, Animals. ATWA is your survival on earth. It's a revolution against pollution. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution -- a holy war. You are either working for ATWA -- life -- or you're working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die.

Quotes From Charlie -

"All we say to each other can be true, right, and reassuring, but what good is it without ATWA? ATWA is like an earth ship and pollution is a hole in it and it is sinking as we are all playing ego roles of games that do nothing for ATWA. All live for ATWA or no one lives. All must have a one world government, money, army, all in order to bring order in fast and reset all to ATWA for life itself and all life support systems set in order, balance, and God's will. Real of it is who would want the job? No one, no one. But zero knows that without one there will be no one. Someone must pick up the one and that's what we did and it is running and rolling now. If a man stood and yelled all the names of all the bugs and bushes, wildlife and birds that are becoming extinct, gone from earth, he would be yelling all day and all night. Life is dying faster each day and there is zero, no one who will pick it up to try. The last people who picked it up to fix it was killed (swastika). Japan was running out of space and Germany's only got 15 eagles left and money cuts billions of trees each day."

"Your planet is dying and so-called humans can't forgive the kids of the 60s for trying to warn you to bring change, stop the war and turn it around."

"When I seen the end of life on earth I set a circle of love and it set me; love for the air, trees, water, and animals."

"I'm around and through time's face play. I'm not playing personality face play or fake phony games of bullshit. I'm rolling to redeem trees and life on earth."

The truth is and remains the same:

25 years in the real service of ATWA has been wasted by not giving Manson his rights.

The people sold your last chance to survive the holocaust (the ongoing destruction of ATWA). In short, the Manson is the same as it's always been. Manson is the man of god people always condemn and punish for telling the truth they never want to hear.

More From Charlie:

"Ecology, ecology, ecology is god, for without it we are dead forever - no life on earth."

"...God's coming is not for the glory of people but the kingdom of life and that's bugs, birds, bees, wildlife, trees, fish."

"When you live for what others think, you're not ATWA. You're not alive."

"WAR on the pollution, WAR on the problem, not war on life."

More Truth:

You fear Manson because he won't submit and play lies and faces with a bunch of fakes and phonies who would suck slime from scum for money, because money is their god.

More From Charlie:

"Did you know that all the raindrops, rivers, lakes, all the waters of the earth is only one water. That all the life on earth is only one life."

"Your society is so distorted that a sane man would appear like a mad man."

"I live in all life and all not alive also because I'm not an I...the mind of God is in all life and under the snake is just a start."

"We've got to start all over again. And that's what we did in 1967, we started a rebirth movement. I got out of the penitentiary and I started all over. And I said, "I'm not going to break the law." And I did not break the law. What needs to be done, and the judgments that came from me, is on any computer that has any data that's substance. You ask that computer what are we going to do to stop those polar caps from melting? What are we going to do to keep those ozones in proportion? How are we going to save the North Sea? Why ain't we fishing? Why are all the seals gone? Where's the birds at? You dig?"

"ATWA has a karma of its own. Law's vortex rolls on pure survival. Anyone who has distorted my life with their greed or reasons for promotions, jobs, or excuses has distorted and taken time from the karma of ATWA and in order for ATWA to survive all balance must be paid to the perfection of numbers 666 or there just won't be no life. God is a perfect balance of all. Good and evil got little to do with it."

"All the rivers lakes water is only one water --
All the trees and bushes are but one green --
All air is but one air --
All life bug fish bird dog cat rat are but one life --
The same order for Earth that the Germans started on for the new 1000 years."

"You got X amount of time to save ATWA. People drive over you and stop you and pile rocks in your way and claim your efforts and soon your life time goes by and actors and rock and roll singers and TV people go Ha ha, the nut, mad man. Then slowly they begin to become aware of what you said, because they're saying it for money and they don't know it but they are using your thoughts and ways and they begin to realize little chance for life of ATWA as real. Did you ever see someone when they knew they are going to die? They run from it. Do you know what people will do in fear of dying? Fear of Vikings built castles. If someone cut your life so they could be a movie star and others seen him get away with it and they did it and others did it and then ATWA people see that the only life on earth has gone with that thought and it can't be saved in their worlds chamber and the dying starts and they see the only way to get back on track is to use that chamber as a whatever it takes and the actors see that and run over on agents and people that paid them and put them up to it and the pecking orders change. To me it's only a thought. The red ants and the black ants already ate all the white ants and they been eating themselves and the snake sees its own tail and the back ups start backing up. My most and best was worse than a perfect zero backwards into deeper than nothing yelling back at history's circles rolling death wish to time's play actors. Bottom line is anyone who sins against ATWA must pay it back or get on trains to the death camps or Russian Front."

Quotes from Red -

"How can the social system be improved? It's a crime to smoke marijuana, a plant, but poisoning millions of people through toxic wastes is business as usual. How much will you give for the lives of your children's children, which is your self. How much are people willing to give up for air, earth, water, animals, and the coming generations? I think the answer to that is pretty clear."

"Almost everything you eat or drink has water in it. No matter where it's from, most of it's polluted. Most of it's got a lot of chemicals that we have to stop producing, It's a simple thing. We don't transfer it. We don't move the poisons somewhere else. We stop producing them. We use our brains."

"I want clean water. I want water I could take a newborn baby down to and... you're not interested in air and water and you're gonna need it! And as it disappears from the earth, if you don't do anything about it... if you do not participate in doing whatever you can to protect your mother, your nurturer that keeps you alive, you don't get life."

"Rattlesnakes eat the animals that reproduce in quantity. They all have a purpose, so we need them. Since we don't know or understand the overall purpose of so many animals, it's to our advantage to let them enlighten us. Snakes serve to keep people from being unaware oafs (ln the wild). If not for the need to look out for dangers around us we'd all be blundering plundering pigs. If animals didn't have a survival instinct, many more would be food to a few who'd get fat, flounder and die. End of story. Finito. No more life. Women holler and bitch to the contrary but we all live in a matriarchy and have for many many years. Women's needs have been the reason for work, war, religion and death. When in balance with the needs of the soul or patriarch (father, God, spirit, universe) this works well because the women's role has always been to make sure the young survive. When out of balance it destroys life."

Quotes from Blue -

"I used to say to environmentalists: Studying the problems doesn't do anything. They must be dealt with concretely, efficiently, and now. At least make some effort in real, beyond money, approval, marches, etc. I say if we don't get together and war on pollution, we all perish. War for life."

"Women are especially responsible because woman is the earth. It's her nature and job to take care of the earth. Women have been raising and holding children with fears and insecurities to go for the paychecks, to uphold the present way of life. Women fear real change and reflect their fear upon the children, and it's her fear that holds down positive change. The USA is living in a matriarchy centered in fear and money, not earth and survival and life on earth is dying because of it. Males for the most part are reflections of their mothers' and other women's fears."

"In millions of people the will to live is dim. They want out of the hell they created, live in, and perpetuate. If you can redeem your own mind and soul out from all your conditioning and cultural brainwash and be what Manson calls "reborn", then you'll see clearly the need to redeem ATWA now."

"The mass of people are sheep and move whichever way the money or the biggest fear tells them to move. When air and water get bad enough people will do as they are told. It doesn't matter what people think. It's what is. Do you want to live? Then fix your air and water. Save your trees and wildlife. Those who war upon any part of nature are warring upon themselves and their children."

"The people who want life on earth are with Manson in the will of life and are working beyond money and ego trips. For one God, one world, one court, one government, one mind."

My Personal Thoughts -

All these words are true and it's time we all stopped and listened carefully to what they mean to us. ATWA=Life! Without that, we have nothing. We are nothing without our world. Our environment MUST be saved from the disasters which the establishment plagues us with every single day. They throw trash around and create oil spills which results in the death and destruction of the environment and animals. The quotes above were originally printed on Sandy's website which was taken down before and then resurrected again. A link is included below. The words contained on the site have significant meaning to me and should be heeded completely. Our world, the entire existence of mankind, and the lives of innocent animals is at stake. Please do all you can to support this cause. SAVE AND PROTECT MOTHER EARTH! STOP TAKING HER FOR GRANTED! KEEP HER ALIVE AND WELL BEFORE SHE KILLS YOU!

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