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AOL  MUST enforce their Terms Of Service and stop abusive users of their services!
To whom it may concern,

We fans of John Lennon and The Velvet Underground have a dilemma. An individual by the name of Dennis P. McCann has continuously been in flagrant violation of Yahoo and AOL terms
of service.

McCann began his introduction to Lou Reed
fandom by impersonating Mr. Reed. This
got him a quick cease and desist from
Mr. Reed's New York Office. Dennis was
thrilled that he got attention from the rock

McCann ruined a lot of the fun on Jon Hinchliffe's original
----a list that was going strong since at least
1997 until Dennis came onboard. Mr. McCann
is currently in "moderation" by Mr. Hinchliffe
so that should tell you something.

McCann has stalked and harassed many individuals, created lies, and smeared people, all for sport. Recently we heard that Yahoo locked McCann out of all the groups he moderates. Somehow, that internet predator got them back. However, we just learned that he lost them AGAIN for the second time thanks to the many reports that were filed against him. Now the goal is to get his "Paper Dragon Studios" site shut down. He is using it to slander and harass his victim now.

AOL and Yahoo are culpable when McCann
and his friends spread lies and vicious rumors
which are untrue. It is hideous that their
grade school mentality continues unabated
on the internet. McCann is a pathological
liar who seeks attention desperately.

If you care about John Lennon, Lou Reed
and other fabulous artists, avoid the
McCann groups located currently at Topica, and urge AOL to
shut him down once and for all.

Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: It's VERY important when you sign this to fill in your e-mail address. AOL and Yahoo need to know this petition unlike others is 100% serious. Because of the way this petition is set up, nobody else will be able to see it except for myself and the petition target which is AOL and Yahoo. Top security and privacy is guaranteed. Thanks!
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AOL MUST enforce their Terms Of Service and stop abusive users of their services!

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Tell a friend about this petition