An attempt at negotiation.

9 December, 2003

On this date a three way chat was held on the internet. The participants were myself, a person acting as mediator, and the stalker.

The purpose of this conference was to find a way to end this mess. She wanted this site taken down. I agreed to do so, if four conditions were met.

The Conditions

1. No fake email addresses. Meaning, no fake email programs, no Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos. etc. Send/receive mail ONLY
from your ISP. Nothing anonymous. I've been posting from two AOL addresses for over 10 years. When I post, you
KNOW it's me.

2. One last website. A PUBLIC apology for all the things she did to all the people she has hurt. No rambling,
blaming others, justifying things - in short - take full responsibility for her actions, apologize to all the people
she has hurt, and promise never to do any of it again.

3. A letter of apology to me. In writing. Full contact info (name, address, phone), signed, dated, notarized,
mailed to me via US mail. The reason for this? Insurance. I will not make it public, UNLESS she starts harassing
others again.

4. A letter to Yahoo telling them that she used fake emailers to post to my groups as me, then
complained about it. She has to ask them to reinstate the groups. Failing that, ask them to send me the
archives/member lists. With a CC to me. Also, signed, dated, notarized.

The conference did not go well. Both I, and the third party, attempted to tell the stalker that her ISP is much
safer than the Yahoo addresses that she has been using. She simply would not listen, and stated that she did
not like being "dictated" to.

Later that evening, I received an email from Katherine, her girlfriend.

This is my reply, including Katherine's question.

10 December, 2003

On this date I received an email from Katherine, which included the stalker's response.