About Me
     About Me:  

I am a competitive and seasoned design professional with years of experience in  Website Design,, consulting  and  Illustration.

I began my "Internet" career in 1998, when associates of mine approached me to advise them on how to utilize and compete on the information highway (aka Internet). After a few months of research, I discovered that small and medium businesses were purchasing web sites that lacked modern design and professional composition. I also saw that self-employed individuals needed an affordable venue to compete with their competition. Combining my strengths in technology and talents as an artist, has enabled me to develop effective web sites and consult with many companies on technical and online web development.

     Why choose xxxxxx Web designs to create your web site?
Like any other product, packaging attracts consumers. Like commercials, your web site reflects your company, it's beliefs, ideals, and corporate presence. But, it also needs to compete for the surfers' attention.

Your web site reaches:

  • present and future clients
  • present and future investors
  • present and future employees

The Internet will continue to be an advertising tool especially for our generation. I want to guide and support you. I can offer diverse online solutions that are not limited to web designing (which can be performed by any "self-deemed" computer artist). I offer the whole online website package in addition to a professional presence on the web.

Even if you have a web site already, let me consult with you on how to improve its effectiveness with the current trends and practices. To succeed, a business must think progressively, and xxxxxx Web designs will help you reach your goals.

Let me build your credibility, attract new markets or cliental, update your corporate online presence, build you a professional site that you have always wanted and consult you in your online needs. I have composed web pages and managed web sites for small to medium businesses from and have done many personal sites for those who just want to have their own website. Whether you want a web site featuring a special event or you want a web site promoting your resume, xxxxxx Web designs can create an effective site that gets results. See why I am more than just a web designer.