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After all the trama I have started a new group about Charles Manson. This group has a few rules. No off subject post will be permited. You will be banned. This is a Group dedicated to charles manson. If you want to call people names or other stuff please do it else where. If your a Charles Manson supporter then this is the group for you. Thanks in advance for your support.
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Oct 31   The proof is here. - velvetlou2003
Oct 22   Re: Charles Manson Superstar - thechurchofmanson2000
    I have never had any problems with ebay. It's the only place to shop for your
Oct 21   Re: Charles Manson Superstar - wiccanlight2003
    Hey Thanks that would be great its real hard to find stuff like that where I l
Oct 21   Charles Manson Superstar - wiccanlight2003
    Well I finally got to see Charles Manson Superstar. I was glad to see that ch
Oct 17   Re: Charles Manson Reading material - freeride12370
    -- Hey there, I'm new to this group and going through the postings. I have read
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