Letters that I have received about the Stalker from other people who have been victimized by her.


The following letters were published with the consent of the respective authors.



I am the owner of the web ring "Victims No More". I have deleted Noel from the ring and sent her a nice email stating that I cannot endorse internet stalkers in my web ring. Since then I have received 3 very nasty emails from her, the last one took the cake and was about my murdered father. Below are the emails she has sent me. What can I do about this, this is probably the lowest any sicko on the net can stoop to talk about a murder victim that way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Theresa A. Forsythe

The Andrew R. Niksick Reward Fund


United States Homicide Reward Funds


Ohio Homicide Victims

Noel's emails:

1st. Email:

Listen, I was wrongly accused of stalking someone but I was NEVER officially convicted of anything. It's apparent now that my stalker owns the entire Internet. Since he can post lies about me and you dumb people support him, I will be forced to report you and possibly bring charges against you. There are other WebRings I can post my links to so you aint the only act in town. I have contemplated suicide all because of my stalker's actions and now you make me want to do it more by supporting him. Well, now you are going to be labeled co-conspirator right along with him. Your WebRing will be discredited and you will be finished. Got it? GOOD!


webring@a.webring.com wrote:

The RingMaster of "Victims No More" has deleted your site from the Ring.

Your site includes the following information:

Site Title: My own story of Internet stalking and harassment.
Site URL: http://www.geocities.com/truth2003usa/abuse.html
WebRing ID: truthseeker73

The site was deleted due to the reasons cited below by the RingMaster.

I spoke with the police department about you and it seems that you have been stalking someone online, I am sorry but I must remove you from the ring.

2nd. email:

Ok, I just added your WebRing to my list of co-conspirators with the stalker so hopefully people will take notice. FYI, MY stalker's site about me contains my Social Security number so by you helping him, you have made it possible for more people to stalk and harass me further. Are you proud of yourself now? I'M the victim here and yet YOU and Lord knows how many others are supporting MY stalker. Tell me, was the rim job my stalker gave you really all that good? Obviously so or else you would see things my way. You would see that I am the victim. I was just aquitted of all charges in a court of law because the D.A. knew that I was innocent. But of course, if you want to continue being possessed by MY sicko stalker, YOU will be going down right along with him. YOU have made a VERY BIG mistake here. That's all I have to say!


webring@a.webring.com wrote:

The RingMaster of "Victims No More" has deleted your site from the Ring.

Your site includes the following information:

Site Title: My own story of Internet stalking and harassment.
Site URL: http://www.geocities.com/truth2003usa/abuse.html
WebRing ID: truthseeker73

The site was deleted due to the reasons cited below by the RingMaster.

I spoke with the police department about you and it seems that you have been stalking someone online, I am sorry but I must remove you from the ring.

The last email that about killed me: The subject line was Andrew R. Niksick Sucks, your father deserved to die!


I have had problems with Noel Bednaz in the past. For months, she tormented me with *constant* harassment. One day alone, I received over *60* XXX mailings, one right after another. It seemed no matter what I did, she was there. I began to spend less time on the computer because of her; and the time I *did* spend was unpleasant and no fun for the same reason. She made my life a living hell for a time. I use a walker and have a speech impediment from an earlier stroke. I have no doubt at all that she caused another stroke I had at the time she was harassing me. I also began to have more medical problems during that time and I believe all the stress I was under caused full-blown diabetes to develop. This person is a known internet stalker and she's hurt many people, myself included. But no one seems to care or listen. It's abominable that she is allowed to continue. I suppose she could have killed me (she practically did) with no consequences whatsoever. She definitely caused irreversible physical harm to me, though.

Discussion Group Owner.

Dear Sir,

You don't know me and I'm praying for your discretion on this matter. It was pure fate that I came across your web site this morning. You wouldn't believe what a coincidence it was. I'm still shaking my head about it.

I just about befriended this 'poor' woman. I thought she was like me, someone who had been traumatized by a stalker. I had sent her a private email last night expressing to her that I knew how it felt to be stalked. FIRST and only contact with her. She hadn't even replied to me before I went searching on the Internet. This morning I decided to go search the groups to see if I could find a group that would provide me with information on how people, (the average Joe) can protect themselves again stalkers and abusers of the Internet. This Noel is on a group I am for moderators. I moderate a group and this is my first real interaction with others on line since I was stalked in 99. I thought by joining the group it would help me in my moderating duties.

Since my stalking in 99 I have been extremely timid of the Internet and felt robbed of a lot of what I had wanted to do because of the terror I was put through. Anyway I came across a group, joined it, then I realized it was for professionals who work in the field. I quickly wrote a letter to that moderator and apologized for my error. I didn't want to join then unsubscribe right away with out providing an explanation especially to a group like that. I didn't want to appear suspicious in anyway.

However, just before I realized my error I right clicked on a message that interested me on Stalking. It was yours. I clicked to your web site, then unsubbed from the group. Thankfully I had your website open before I unsubbed other wise I likely would have never got there. What are the odds of this? What are the odds that I would just click and find the perfect stranger I was about to befriend---but it's HER that is the stalker? THE SAME WOMAN. The odds have to be so tremendous. I do not know this woman, I only felt sorry for her. I have never talked to anyone (and I've never 'talked' to her) who has been stalked/terrorized before and it had entered my mind to see if she would be interested in having a group with me to help others protect themselves. I would be really going out on a limb and I didn't know if I could be brave enough to have a group like that, that's why I went looking. I went looking to see if I thought it was something I had the guts to do, before I approached this perfect stranger "X" about doing a group with me. I about vomited when I discovered what was before my eyes.

I was even afraid looking at your pages because I thought YOU where the stalker at first and I was afraid you would turn and terrorize me, by having something to record my IP or something. I'm not up on all the computer savvy things people do.

I just wanted to thank you for posting your website, you have saved me from a grave error. It would have been my first attempts at reaching out to another, since my stalking in 99. I thank you.

I'm not attempting to hide my identity in any from you. I can only trust that you will respect my privacy, a privacy that I fight so hard for and not publish any of this on your website. I'm afraid if you do, she will immediately identify who I am. Please understand that just the act of sending you this email frightens me. The only reason I am is because after hours of reading on your site, I believe you.

You don't know me and I certainly don't know you but I can send you the copy with source etc of my email to her last night if you wish to verify that I am being forthcoming. I don't know if you can alter the source but I certainly do not know how to. I just want you to know I am sincere. After reading what you've been through, I could understand if you don't trust people. I certainly have a lot of trouble doing it. I pray that this doesn't get back to her, I don't know how I would defend myself from her.

I just realized you have an aol address so I am going to have to send this to you via my aol account. The reason I'm mentioning this is if you do want that email to her that I sent her for your own verification purposes, I will have to send it to another address of yours not an AOL one. I don't know why but I can't seem to email aol users, they never get it. Unless it's from my aol account. I guess the biggest reason for my email to you is to thank you. I hope I have made sense in this email, I'm a little scatterbrained over the near miss I've had. =)



Note: The day this page was published, JoAnna received the following two emails from the stalker. 1 | 2

I first "met" Noel Bednaz back in 2001 when I was a frequent member of an eBay chat board. Noel showed up, complained that someone had sniped an auction on which she was bidding, and she lost the item, something she was buying for her dying grandmother. (Sniping is the act of bidding very late in an eBay auction, thereby not giving anyone time enough to rebid.) After checking out Noel’s recent bids and discovering they were all for Charlie Manson items, I did what any red-blooded American would do on a chat board: I outed her. She didn’t much like being exposed as the liar she is. I would say "consummate" liar, except she really isn’t that good at it.

Thus began a two-year odyssey.

In those two years, I have seen Noel interfere with other people’s auctions—i.e. bid and win with no intention of paying, leave negative feedback, that sort of thing—sign people up for pornographic sites, send obscene e-greeting cards, and send obscene emails, among other things. She has publicly called me a pedophile and, with the help of her fake emailer program, has signed my old email address up at various sites, saying I was a child molester. She has also threatened my life, via email, several times.

She fancies herself quite intelligent, but she’s really one of the more stupid people I’ve ever encountered. She impersonated a lawyer and threatened to sue me, but then refused to give me her law office’s phone number or address so I could contact her. What was amusing was that she signed her emails "Attorney Anthony Collins." (The "Attorney" was there so I’d believe she really was an attorney.) Her writing "style," if such a horrendous abuse of the English language can be called a style, is so immediately obvious, it never takes more than a few posts or one or two emails before one can identify her. If you want to take the time to read her poems to Katherine, well, they’ll give you a chuckle or two. In fact, if you want to take the time to read some of her one-paragraph web pages where she lashes out angrily at everything and everyone, you will be richly rewarded. Letterman and Leno don’t do comedy this well. Two of her favorite threats are suicide and lawyers. "My lawyers will chew you up and spit you out" is frequently followed by "I might as well kill myself." Of course, she has no lawyers. Her Wal-Mart salary won’t allow that. And despite threatening to do so for at least the past two years, she hasn’t committed suicide.

Everything on Dennis’ web pages is true. His saga began with Noel and another person discussing cats on his Lennono board (John Lennon / Yoko Ono Discussion Group). Noel said he was rude in asking her to cease, and has compared him to Hitler. You can read the full exchange of posts here.

This is a dangerous person. She has a criminal history. She is the very definition of internet stalker. Sadly, no one seems quite certain of how to prosecute internet stalkers, so she continues to walk around free. Perhaps Dennis’ web pages will help further her prosecution. For your own safety, well-being, and peace of mind, do not interact with her in any way. The only thing worse than being Noel’s enemy is being Noel’s friend turned enemy.

Steven Foster

(Email address withheld upon request)

I discovered the Velvet Underground discussion groups run by Dennis sometime in 2002. I have been a "lifelong" fan of VU and their respective members, John Cale, Lou Reed, Moe Tucker, so it was great to find discussion groups about them and find like-minded people to talk about their music. I enjoyed being in those discussion groups and it was a great platform the share views and also talk about other related music and subjects. I made quite a few friends, and it was a great place to be.

Then in early spring this year, some obscure messages appeared on the discussion boards, which appeared to come from the owner. But they did not come from the owner, when you went and checked the details, as they did not come from his IP address. As a result of these obscure messages, the discussion groups were taken away from Dennis, and we lost our groups. I am sure that I am not the only person who misses those discussion groups, as they had about 6000 members in them.

I do believe that Dennis has been treated unfairly, and that the person who sent these obscure messages should be punished rather than Dennis. The person posting the messages obviously has a disturbed mind and should be treated accordingly.

I hope this mess will be sorted out soon.

Goodie Sweeney
, UK

I joined what was probably the greatest ever Bowie discussion list in 1999, it had a really groovy sense of community and a relaxed, jocular quality that set it apart from most other lists -- there was never infighting or even any spats between members. And it was my opinion that this pleasant environment would last forever. Alas, some people have too much time on their hands, and this particular person chose to use it to post rather uncalled for, obscene, and about as subtle as a sp[ade to the head remarks about the group's subject matter and owner, etc. It soon became impossible to ignore, especially after the owner's account was hacked into and the hacker posed as him on-list. Not that anyone was fooled, but the offshoot of all this palaver was that a very beloved meeting space was eventually forced to close. And it would be in the best interest of all healthy online communities to see that this disruptive person, and all others like her, are shut down wherever possible.

Rowena Annwen

South Africa






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