NOTICE: These links are no longer functional, as the group has been deleted by Yahoo. Yahoo will not
provide a reason for it's deletion, other than a violation of their ToS, without a subpoena.
However, considering that the person that this website is about used a fake emailer to send extremely distasteful
messages to this, and many other lists, from MY NAME, a subpoena is not necessary.

The Good News: I printed them at the time, so rather than leading directly to the posts,
these links lead to scans of the posts. Many of the posts seem harmless, and indeed are.
However, when coupled with the off-list emails that you will find in the EMAILS section, which were concurrent,
these posts become extremely relevant to the issue at hand.

Saturday, 7 April 2001

Message 1456 She answers a message from Heidi about cats.
Message 1458 More talk of cats.
Message 1459 Karen complains to list about cat discussion,
as it is unrelated to the topic of the list.

Sunday, 8 April 2001

Message 1460 Despite complaints,she continues discussion about cats.
Message 1461 She addresses Karen's complaint.
Message 1462 I attempt, as list owner, to stop the argument by clarifying the issue.
Message 1463 Karen clarifies her point.
Message 1464 She continues to write about cats.
Message 1465 Heidi apologizes for the cat discussion.
Message 1466 More talk of cats.
Message 1467 More talk of cats.
Message 1468 Karen again complains about the off-topic cat discussion, and mentions that the group owner (me)
has already requested that the cat discussion be taken off-list, as it's not Lennon related.
Message 1469 Vince Martinez,a list member, agrees that a discussion about cats does not belong on a Lennon list.
By doing do, he becomes a target for her.

Monday, 9 April 2001

Message 1471 Her response to being asked to take the cat discussion off-list.
Message 1472 She attemps to justify her previous posts.
Message 1473 She asks if I am the list moderator.
Message 1474 She encourages Heidi to contiue the cat discussion, on-list.
Message 1475 She continues the cat discussion.
Message 1476 She continues the cat discussion.
Message 1477 She acknowledges me as list moderator, a fact that had already been established.
Message 1478 She sarcastically attempts to be nice.
Message 1479 I state in no uncertain terms that cats are off-topic on
Message 1480 I state that I am the moderator- a fact that had already been well established.
Message 1481 On-List cease and desist order concerning the cat discussion.
Message 1482 She reacts angrily and asks to be unsubscribed.
Message 1483 Self-explanatory.
Message 1484 Self-explanatory.
Message 1485Heidi again apologizes for the cat discussion.
Message 1486 I put an end to the cat discussion. At this point, I had already received some abusive emails from her.
I did not keep them, as I had no idea that they would continue.
Message 1496 Karen warns list members about abusive emails.

Wednesday, 11 April 2001

Message 1499 I warn the list members.
Message 1505 Heidi offers to forward all the emails that she has received from this person to me.

Thursday, 26 April 2001

Message 1525 Vince forward a complaint to the list, that ws actually written by her,using his name.
This forged complaint eventually resulted in Vince being unsubscribed from the list against his will.
Message 1526 Self-explanatory.
Message 1527 She rejoins the list under the name
Message 1528 Heidi acknowledges that someone has been subscribing her to porn ezines
Note: By this time, the same had been happening to myself, Karen and Vince.
Message 1529 I acknowlege that the same thing had been happening to myself and Karen.
Message 1530 Karen acknowledges that she, too, had been subscribed to porn ezines.
Message 1533 A warning to the group from Karen about the unwanted subscriptions.

Saturday, 28 April 2001

Message 1539 She writes to the list using the alias "Mary Hanes."
Message 1540 I respond to "Mary Hanes."

Sunday, 29 April 2001

Message 1545 She continues her masquerade as "Mary Hanes."
Message 1546 Another warning from Karen to the list.

Wednesday, 2 May 2001

Message 1565 "Mary" uses the person's hacker defense.
Message 1566 "Mary," writing to the list, complains about being unsubscribed from the list
(as list owner, I would know) and posts a link to a website, built under the address.
Message 1568 Letter from me to "Mary." This is the same letter. I also sent it to the list.
Message 1570 A Self-explanatory letter from a long-time list member.

Wednesday, 3 May 2001

Message 1571 My response to the list about the situation with this person.
Message 1572 A Group member attempts to lighten the situation.
Message 1573 A list member's response to the situation.

Monday, 7 May 2001

Message 1580 She joins the list yet again,under the name
Message 1581 A short note from me to the group.