Fw: I need a favor from you. Please read and respond:) 


5/13/2003 1:38:50 PM Eastern Standard Time



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Subject: I need a favor from you. Please read and respond:)


Ok, I just got word that you are in charge of Dennis's groups now from a friend who is subscribed to the groups and I need a favor from you. I'm asking that you remove those messages in the archives containing my first and last name as well as my location. Even though I am not subscribed to the groups myself, I do not want any reference to me left within the group. You may not believe me when I tell you this but none of what Dennis has said about me is true. I wasn't the one attacking the groups. It was someone else and I sent Dennis the proof via e-mail. He still felt it was me after all that unfortunately. To be perfectly honest, I'm not the problem here. Things have gotten blown WAY out of proportion and I was dragged into this mess somehow. I want out of this completely. I asked Dennis nicely to remove ALL reference to me from ALL of his groups and he refused so that's why I reported him. I want just as badly as him to put this mess behind us where it belongs but the main problem I have is the messages he has in the archives contaning my personal information. I want nothing more to do with Dennis and I have felt this way for a long time. Regardless of what he thinks, I swear this is the truth. Please honor my request. I don't want any trouble. I just want to get on with my life. I would appreciate a response back from you but if you decline, you won't hear from me again. Peace and take care



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