In a message dated 9/30/2003 10:48:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
dennis, enough is enough.
I agree.
stop going on the lists noel is on and stop posting that dumb website.
You want me to destroy evidence? That's against the law.
the other list "john-lennon" is gone so let us move on. the moderator of the list you posted on has been told about you and that message you sent should be taken off the list soon. me and noel want no trouble so let it go. we have found jesus and you should too. you need jesus in your life.
I need you out of my life.
even though you are being mean we will still pray for you. let god come into your heart. i think it will help you to get better. noel had this to say about what you did:
Noel Wrote:
             I know you're upset about the "john-lennon" group being removed but there's no need to go around starting up more hateful garbage.
No, I'm not. It wasn't my group.
I have found God and I let him into my heart.
Like Katherine said, you should do the same thing too. I don't want a whole lot from you. The only thing I want now is to be left alone.
I don't want a lot from you either. In fact, now that you've found God, it's very simple. Take down your websites and petitions. Quit all discussion groups. Donate your computer to a church, and send me the receipt.
If you can't do that willingly, I'm afraid you will have to be forced to leave me alone. I don't want to get a legal order against you.
Why not? It would be the first legal thing you ever did.
I just want this to end peacefully. Stop fixating on me
Fixating on you??????
and do your painting or let God into your heart. I think you wil become a much better person if you only call on the name of Jesus Christ for help with your problems. I have done this already and so has Katherine. We feel much better now because we allowed the Lord to come into our hearts and purify our lives. Give it a try Dennis and you will see how much better your life can be. So what if I'm interested in Charles Manson? It doesn't make me a bad person. I'm a crime buff anyway. I can still have my own personal beliefs and have God in my life too. No matter what I have done in the past, I take comfort in knowing that God forgives all people for their sins.
The judicial system doesn't.
I'm sure he will forgive you too if you just call on his name.
For being your victim?
I have already forgiven you Dennis and so has Katherine. Let's just stop all this now. It's time for letting go. Stop following me around the internet and please stop bothering me and the other groups I'm part of.
Following you? Like I followed you onto all of MY groups?
They don't deserve it. Also for what it's worth, I didn't set those sick reminders on "john-lennon" group and neither did Katherine. I'm sorry if you feel we were in some way responsible but honestly we had NOTHING to do with it. That's all I have to say about that. I want you to know 1 more thing before I conclude this message and our contact with each other. I wish you all the best now and for the future in spite of everything you have done to me but I really feel it's time to let go of all this hate.
Then do it. I've never done ANYTHING to you except collect the evidence of YOUR crimes.
Katherine and I will cease all contact with you immediately for our own sakes. We have already cut the ties with your other friend "fortheloveoflennon" so the only logical thing to do next is cut the ties with you also.
That person was just a list member. I don't know her.
We already have you on the blocked list so no more messages can be exchanged. If you want to continue with this hateful behavior, we will not be a part of it.
No, you'll be ALL of it, as usual.
All we will do is file our reports when necessary. You're on your own unless you decide to let God into your heart. We will be praying for you. Peace and take care:)
Noel and Katherine

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