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Don't go running your sick games on me woman! I know what you're doing. I said we have nothing further to say to each other and I meant it. Running scared now aren't you? If what you claim below is true, prove it to me. I don't trust you and I don't believe you. Too much has already happened. I hope Dennis puts this on his site too so the world can see what's going on. That's why I'm sending him a copy right now. I'm not letting my guard down for anybody.
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Please don't believe what you have read. I'm not the enemy. I'm on
YOUR side. See what Dennis is doing? Don't let him win Ok? I'm still
your loyal friend, please respond to me and tell me you believe me. I
am NOT helping Dennis. Please do not believe everything you read.
Some bad people hacked my email account and posted bad things from it.

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