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Ahhh.......I knew it would only be a matter of time before you showed your true colors. Didn't think I knew it was you huh? I knew you were "fortheloveoflennon" the whole time hehehe;) I also know you used the alias Judith Gregory. I knew just what to say to make you come out of hiding and it worked hehehe;) Why don't you just be a nice little girl and tell Dennis the truth about how you set me up. I NEVER did use those anonymous e-mailers and that's the God's honest truth. I may have made you THINK I did but I really didn't have a thing to do with it. I saw what was going on in his groups and I seized the opportunity to look good in your eyes. I was so wrong for doing that because you aren't worth it. This message is also going to Dennis so he can see who you REALLY are. Unless of course he already knows and just wants to make you appear like a legit source for his so-called information. I saved all the messages you ever sent me Steffy and they are going straight to the authorities and my attorney. YOU picked the wrong person to take YOUR fall Steffy and now it's coming back to bite YOU. I told you my feelings about Dennis and you used it against me so now you will have to face what you have done. Thanks for coming out and revealing your true self:) You just helped me to gain back control of my life. Now I have everything I need to get my life back which you and your friends destroyed by setting me up. YOU masterminded the whole plan to bring Dennis down. YOU came up with the fake mailers. YOU probably forged this so-called proof Dennis has that I supposedly used a fake mailer on him. I NEVER confessed to such a thing and you know it. The only thing I did was give you the impression I did something but in reality, I did nothing but sit back and watch you in action. I realize now, I was wrong to try and gain your approval. The fake mailers was a VERY bad idea on your part. I'm just glad I never really used them. I have a witness who knows for a fact I didn't use them and I just made you think I did. It was all a con and a good 1 at that. Hopefully, when Dennis gets this message he will put it on his site so everyone can see what REALLY happened. This message serves as my final statement. I did NOT EVER use those fake mailers. That's the bottom line. If you want to continue following me around the web, so be it. I will be filing legal charges against both of you soon. It may take some time for everything to go into place but rest assured, everything will be resolved soon. Not you or Dennis will have a say in it at all. This is MY call now. The law WILL work for ME because I'm in the right. Now, I have nothing further to say to either of you. I'm preparing to go underground until this whole mess gets resolved.
X (aka Noel)

fortheloveoflennon <> wrote:

what is this meant to prove ? A message from Noel to me on your
website. Notice how it doesnt have any writings from me, or my
replies to it. She could have said anything. what does she think she
is proving ? how good a liar she is ? lol. i find this post very
amusing. This was sent on the day she tried to frame me if remember
righty. Must admit she was clever, just picked on the wrong gal to
take her fall. lol. and it's coming back to bite her. :)


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