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Oh baby, are you gettin' all horny watching your target? Hmmmm? Is your dick gettin' all hard? I bet it is. I bet you stay awake at night dreaming you had Noel in your bed don't ya? You watch her all day and night gettin' all hot and horny. Your little pecker is just dying to poke Noel in the ass right? We have you on a list of people to go down hard and you're on it baby:-) How's the dick doin' now? Is it still hard? I bet it is. I bet you just can't wait to pump it in the dog's hairy ass huh? Oh baby, my pussy is gettin' all wet thinking about your eyes gettin' gouged out with hot pokers. How's that sound to you? Can we poke your eyes out? Can we huh? Or would you rather continue gettin' all horny over Noel. I bet you do baby. Noel left the list you were watching so you can wax your rod like you did last night baby. Want some help? Oh, I forgot Judith is sucking on you as we speak. Does it feel good? Oh I do hope you feature this little love note on your web page baby. We know you make love to the computer while you add new stuff daily. We know how hot you get when all you have to add is the date and time it is in Noel's town. Who are we to deprive you of that pleasure? Oh baby, keep up the great work. When you get stopped, we will have a night of lustful sex right on your photo. OHHHHHHHHHHHH.............YEAH! Bye bye!


Luv ya 4 eva!

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