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How you doin mate ?? Still no word from your stalker. Don't think they believed my little mindgame, which is a shame, as i thought it was pretty convincing. Think that would point towards Doghouse more than Dennis, as he knows how clever i can be. Still, we will just have to wait and see.

Two ways to go from here. The first is to bide our time, and hope they come out in the open or believe me and drop their guard. All i need is one lousy message to pin-point his i.p. and find out who we are dealing with. I have checked the Dennis groups i set-up and no-one has tried to join them, so i think our plan is still safe.

The other plan is for you to pretend to leave the group and be beaten by this little troll, so he thinks he has won. If he is Doghouse he will come out and brag how good he is, and we will have him this way.

It's up to you, you could always try to hack his email account ???

Not sure if this works or not, but try it through a new yahoo account you've just made-up to test it out...

If it works you should also be aware that Doghouse's email address is also a yahoo account, as is his fish one i think ...

Here is the way to hack a Yahoo password and it is easy to do.
> I got it from x-employee at Yahoo.
> These are the steps for it:
> 1. Go into your own account.
> 2. Select COMPOSE to send an email.
> 3. Address email to the following email address:
> 5. In the body of the message enter the following:
> [first line] the login name of the person you want to hack
> (complete
> address with @Yahoo!)
> [2nd line ] your own email address (also complete address with
> @Yahoo. They will send the password to this address!)
> [3rd line ] your Yahoo password, [the automatic Yahoo responder
> will
> require your "system administrator password" which is in fact
> your
> own password. The server does not know the difference!]
> [third line] login failed;Yahoo/cgi-bin/login/
> [fourth line] Yahoo/cgi-bin/login/resend.asp
> [fifth line] resend.asp.line#576.TARGET.crum.nbox=true.wrap
> (runmail.imap34.send{}true.
> 6. Send email and you will get the other person's password sent
> to
> you within 24 hours.
> How it works: you mail to a system administrators automatic
> responder. Usually only system administrators should be able to
> use
> this, but when you try it with your own password and mail this
> message from your Yahoo account the computer gets into a loop
> and
> sends out the requested password!
> Yahoo! will respond with an automated message indicating the
> password
> requested.
> *** note that if the message you send Yahoo! is composed
> incorrectly,
> or there has been a change in the status of the user queried,
> you may
> not get an automated response - in this event, you will need to
> re-
> submit the request.
> *** message is case sensitive.
> *** the fatal loop is not 100%. It took me 3 tries to get my
> first
> password. I got my second after requesting it from another
> account.
> enjoy your hacking

from ...

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