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Hiya Noel,

Yea, course i want this jerk (Doghouse??) to mail you directly. It's the only way we can flush him out, and if he mails you directly you will be able to trace his i.p. If you get that, and find out who it actually is then we can go to work on him. I'm sick of this little fuck running around uploading files so we cant trace him, and don't know who the fuck he is. I want to know if Dennis knows anything about what we were planning. If he's still in the dark along with this little fuck we can still hit them hard. The only people who know about our plan is me, you, Matt and Rob. So if it is either Matt or Rob then Dennis will know, but if it was Doghouse as i suspect then all our plans will still be a secret, and they will not be able to pin it on us if we go ahead with putting the petition up, and complete the fake groups to hit Dennis with a huge paranoia fuck-bomb. But it will only work if he knows nothing. I need to know who this little fuck is.

Sorry to use you as bait, but i'm sure you'd rather he attack you directly so you can get a clear shot back at him, instead of him play his little mind-games on you because he is too chicken-shit to come out and face you in person. If i goad him into coming out then we can sort this shit out and know in which direction to strike next.

- Steffy. x.

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003 05:39:42
Noel wrote:
>I saw what you posted on "Ultimate_Flame_War" since I still have an alias on the list. So, did you mean what you said in that message telling Doghouse to come after me directly? Just curious. Take care Noel
>Veronica Von Scott <>wrote:
>Have to keep checking it every day to see what hillarious stuff is being posted.
>So when you gonna start uploading text files and photos to the files area, like what Dennis's little drones did to you on Ultimate Flame War ??? I can hardly wait ! Heh Heh ...
>If you manage to find a piccy of Dennis send it to me so i can play about with it on photoshop for you. ;-)
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