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From: Juan Pablo Subject: QUIT CYBERSTALKING NOEL ASSHOLE! To: Cc: MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-2056827975-1065911066=:19595" X-AOL-IP: X-AOL-SCOLL-SCORE: 1:XXX:XX X-AOL-SCOLL-URL_COUNT: 1

You don't know me but I know all about you. This is a formal request, STOP CYBERSTALKING NOEL! She's a friend of mine and I want you to stop what you're doing NOW! If you don't stop following her around to the various discussion lists she's in, you will be facing legal issues. I just may speak with a certain FBI agent soon and see what he thinks of your behavior. Noel is aware of her legal rights and you are invading those rights. Can't she even have a thought or opinion in peace without you butting your fucking ass into her private life? For Christ's sake! You probably play with yourself while watching Noel don't you? Is that what makes you all hot and horny? I guess so or else you would leave her the fuck alone. You must have to get your kicks by gawking at Noel since you can't get it any other way. You claim she's "The Stalker" but what the fuck does that make you? Following her around the Internet makes YOU the fucking stalker ASSHOLE! Just because her interests include Charles Manson you're all over her like flies on shit! Hey, I love Charles Manson too. Are you going to follow me around too? Come on asshole! Follow ME around now! Spy on ME! COME ON ASSHOLE! I DARE you to start spying on me too! COME ON! Show me what a big man you are! YOU FUCKING PUSSY WIMP! I'm a man who won't take your fucking shit! So you keep on following Noel around and see where you end up. IN JAIL! FYI, I'm deleting this e-mail addy right after I send this message to you so don't get any smart ideas about replying back as I won't see your assinine shit. You are a sorry ass waste of time. I hope you have a heart attack and die!

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