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<>Well i have to wait a week at the least for it all to look
convincing, id rather wait longer as the longer we leave it the more
of a mind-fuck it will be on him. Please do not join any of the
communities, as i don't want anything to tie you to them when he
finds out about them. ;-) I'm going to grow the communities larger
and post more messages to them over the coming days, but they are
just an illusion. All the members who are in there are just an
illusion, loads of faked yahoo profiles just made up to put on the
community, all with Dennis's name and his address for their details.
Hee Hee ! And all the messages in there are blank too ! As I said,
it's all an illusion, but it will completely fuck his mind over, as
just now he thinks it is only you who is against him, but imagine how
he'd feel if he thought there was 100's of people against him, spread
over loads of communities with community names similar to his own
ones !!

Oh, Did I mention the petition ??? Not finished that part yet, but it
will go up on -, and will be worded
something like -

To: Yahoo! Groups
Dear Yahoo Groups ,
Please could you ban the member 'dptmc1' from yahoo ! groups, and
also please remove all the groups listed that he moderates from Yahoo.

This member is an evil facist dictator and a sick cult leader who is
using these communities to recruit and brainwash thousands off
innocents into his wicked and cruel society by posing under the guise
of Innocent Pop discussion Forums as fronts and cover for His evil
Scheme, and it must be stopped.

The Undersigned ...

Please re-word this how you like and let me know if you are happy
with it before it goes up, and we can sign it hundreds of times using
loads of fake email addresses too. That will really blow his mind
too !!

And now for the plan, it will start with me posting to Dennis to tell
him what is going on behind his back. I will pretend i have fallen
out with you and am starting to believe his side of the story. I will
never mention you by name, and send through a anon email account, so
he will have no proof he didn't make the thing all up himself. I will
tell him about all the fake communities, explaining our 'mutual
friend' has been recruiting people through various John Lennon etc
message boards, telling them that he was using their hero for his own
evil ends, and also tell him about the petition, and when he thinks
there are hunreds of people who think he is a scumbag, and not just
you, he will crack !! I will refer to you as his 'mututal friend', so
he cannot pin it on you, and even mention that i believe his yahoo
profile picture, and also his name and address -

Dennis P. McCann
839 Whisperwood Trail
Cleveland, TN 37312

had been given to the Anti-Nazi League and the Black Militant Front
claiming you are the head of a White Male Supremacy Cult, and an
active member of a secret underground branch of the KKK !!

He will freak !!

And then the best part, when he goes to complain to Yahoo ! I will
change the descriptions of all the groups to make them all look like
proper fan groups, and he will look like a paranoid psycho nutbag
who's trying to frame you !!!

It will be beautiful !!

What you think of the plan so-far ??

- Steffy. x.

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