In a message dated 10/11/2003 12:08:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Whatever Dennis. I have nothing left to lose. The information I sent you regarding Steffy needs to go to the authorities.
Then send it.
Your sources are not who you think they are.
You don't know who my sources are,so how can you say that?
Whatever they gave you is most likely fabricated. I know Steffy is working with you and you should know who is giving you information. Read the last message I sent to you where I tell Steffy I was not going to use anonymous e-mailers.
I would rather read emails written by you where you state that you are using them.
By the way, I'm contacting all the people you sent the discs to on Monday. I'm sure they will see things my way.
Good luck.
Legal charges are also going to be pressed against you.
That's fine,since I've done nothing illegal. Ever. In my life.
That is all. Don't write back and don't have your friends write me either.
Friends? Noel, I built this site ALONE.
You're right about 1 thing. This is about to end. I'm going to make it end. You won't have a say in it at all.
You're right about that. But, the legal system,or the "pigs" as you are so fond of calling them, will.