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To: Dennis Dear

From: Judith Gregory

Dennis my love, kiss my fanny.

A special message from Judith Gregory:
Dearest Dennis,
I need your kisses all over my fat fanny. I need them more than I need my granny. She kisses good but she's not the one who can make my spirits soar because I am a whore. Will you still love me tomorrow? If you leave me now I will live in sorrow. I have butt beads you can pull in and out of my ass. We can sit under the old apple tree and smoke some grass. I have acid we can drop while your dicky goes flop. Hooray, hooray I love your way.

Peace and Love,
Judith Gregory

A special poem selected for you!
When I Look At You
by Monica

When I look at you, I smile.
When I look at you, I laugh.
When I look at you, I wonder. . .

I wonder how we came to be,
I wonder if it's really real,
I wonder if I am worthy of feeling so happy,
But most of all,
I wonder,

When I look at you,
If you are looking at me too?

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