The Whole Shebang

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Baby, You Can Hurt Me

Between My Legs


Bustin' Out

Cammie Sue

Can You Fall In Love?



Cold Spaghetti In The Snow

Colored Jujubees

Connecting Spark

Delicate Balance

Dirty Laundry

Do You Wanna?

Do You Need (Do You Care)?

Don't Cook Seafood In New England In The Winter



Forgive Me


Fourth-Grade Little Leaguer

Freak Without A Show

Get Away, Get Away

Hear The Beat

Hop On Board The Columbine

Hunky Bear

I Don't Want Purple Fingernails

I Dream

I Hate To Be Such A Girl

I'm Calling It "Na"

I'm Insane

I'm Nothing

Janie's Got A Problem

Kafka And A Fly

La La La

Let Me Look At You

Lisa's Poem

Little Girl Saturday Night



Maya Sing Yeah

My Funeral

Need A Little Lovin' At Night

Never Go

Normal City

Only Friend

Pelican Breath

Pillowcase Of Tears

Portrait of Donoche

Play Me a Polka

Quickie Mart

Rose & Candy Curses

Running With Dogs

She Knows

Slippin' In

Slipping Into Darkness


The Maker Of The Man

The Moon Is Crying

The Old Shoe

The Parting

There's Nothing Else That Matters

He 'Twas A Twinkie

Vampire In A Blue Tuxedo

We're Not Sitting On Our Asses

We've Got A Rhymer

What About The Wind

Where's The Kitty?

White-Girl Me

Who Do You Love?

Words Of Water

You Deserve Pearls

You're The One

All poems copyright 1990-2003 by Karryn. All rights reserved and no portion may be reproduced in any form without written permission of copyright owner.

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