Feature Article in Sabah, Ankara. Turkey



Culture Week has begun at Ankara University

The 11th annual Culture Festival at Ankara University has begun. As the festival started, a ceremony was held at Farabi Hall in the Faculty of Letters. Vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Erkan Ibis opened the festivities with a speech. In his speech he stated that the developmental levels of societies are measured by their cultural level. The level of culture is measured through what the individuals produce and how the society values them. He also highlighted that Ataturk gave much importance to culture. Ibis said: "University means; diversity, globalism, science, culture and art. It means university is everything. These are the benefits of a university. You have to use and benefit from them." During the festival there will be concerts and plays performed. At the same time there will be art and photograph exhibitions. These activities will all end on 30th April.


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