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Sanat Cevresi
Sanat Cevresi
Sanat Cevresi



All of my life I was told that Pop Art and Expressionism could not be combined, as the two styles are diametrically opposed.

Pop art is cold and precise - the removal of the Artist from the Art. Expressionism, however, is pure emotion and feeling. The Artist is the art. My goal was to combine these two opposing styles. In my portraits, I paint people using expressionistic techniques in a Pop format.

When my paintings are viewed closely, you see splotches of color. But, when viewed from a distance, the viewer's eye combines the colors and the image becomes photographic.

As a result I feel that I have proven that these two different painting techniques can, in fact have, been combined.


I have had panic disorder for 20 years. It is a debilitating medical illness, and the attacks occur very suddenly and without warning. They sometimes last just a moment, but can last for hours or even days.

The most common symptoms of this illness are:




Muscle Weakness

Numbness in the arms and legs

Difficulty breathing

Chest pain

A feeling of "unreality"

With my abstract art, I try to express my panic disorder, the stages of this illness and the nervous depression that results from it.


I began working with Fatma Gulnar in 2003. We exchanged photos in order to paint portraits. When we completed the portraits, we gave them to each other as presents.

Fatma sent one of her paintings to me in the United States. I merged the canvas that she sent with a larger one. Her painting was surrealistic, and depicted a female body with transparent clothing. When I saw this painting, my feeling was that her statement was that men perceive women as sexual objects. I absolutely agree, and asked myself: "What are the reasons that men think this way?"

In my opinion most men, worldwide, perceive women as sexual objects because the media - film, newspapers and magazines impose this image.

As a result of this fact, I used images such as a film negative, cosmetics, the logo of a famous magazine (Playboy) and two famous actresses who are known as sex symbols (Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe) in our collaborative work.

When we finished the painting, we entitled it "Look at Me, Don't Look at Me" The painting was started in Turkey, continued in United States and completed in Turkey.

In the painting we used materials such as oil and acrylic paint and collage. It is a combination of three different styles: surrealism, pop art and expressionism, three different media, and two different cultures (American and Turkish).

After I arrived in Turkey Fatma and I began a second collaboration. Fatma had previously glued some fabric to canvas. I painted the other parts of the canvas. Fatma then painted the parts on which she had glued the fabric. We then completed the painting together. We called this work "DD Major" (Composition No:2).

This painting can be seen as a synthesis of west and east, proving that art is universal.

The Turkish American Association told us that this has been the first time that an American and a Turkish artist exhibited together in 70 years.



I totally agree with the views of Mr McCann. I have been drawing pictures using collage technique and I have been inspired from the style of fantastic realism and surrealism. I was the student of Ergin Inan from MU. The idea of working with a different artist seemed interesting so we have been working together since 2003. I believe that this collaboration will have a positive effect for both of us. We're planning to work together in the future. We will have new exhibitions in Turkey, the United States and other countries. I also think that we will have great contributions to Turkish art. We tried to combine different techniques, cultures, genders and countries together. I am absolutely sure that our collaboration had beneficial results.

We had various exhibitions in different venues. The first one was Mr McCann's personal exhibition and it was held at Art and Sculpture Museum of Ankara, Osman Hamdi Art Gallery (5th - 18th April 2004). The second was our collaborative exhibition which was held at the Turkish American Association M. Emin Hekimgil Art Gallery (27th April - 6th May 2004) the third and the last one is now at ANKUSEV. It is Mr McCann's private exhibition though four of our collaborative works are displayed.


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