Feature Article in Sabah, Ankara. Turkey



"Celebrities" from the brush of an American Artist

American artist Dennis McCann met with art lovers from Ankara in his art exhibition that took place at the Ankara State Museum of Art & Sculpture. His portraits of famous celebrities and abstract paintings were welcomed by the public. This was his first exhibition in Turkey. In his interview with Sabah Ankara, he stated that he has combined the styles of Pop Art and Expressionism.

He created his own style

He stated that: "Throughout my life my teachers and colleagues insisted that it was not possible to combine these two styles, but I knew that I could do it". If viewed up close, the paintings are expressionistic (splotches of color overlapping one another) though from a distance, they becomes Pop Art (as they look like a photo). In his exhibition, there were portraits of famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin and John Lennon and also some abstract paintings. The artist declared that "In my work I strive to express myself. I have panic disorder. In some of my works, I have painted my conflict with this illness and how I have tried overcome it."

Everything Started with Chats on the Net

McCann and Turkish artist Fatma Gulnar met on the Internet and decided to collaborate. Their goal was to achieve a synthesis of East & West. They exchanged their experiences. Ms. Gulnar told us that they were going to continue to collaborate in the future.



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